Monday, December 21, 2009

Hocus Pocus Democrat Government

Illusion is the appearance of something not real. Delusion is believing in the illusion—Alaphiah
Democrats, Liberals and Progressives (DLP) and their media allies are masters of illusion as demonstrated again last week. A scan of world events underscores this statement. Last week’s seminal topics were Health Care, Global warming and Jobs. In all of these topics the vast leftwing DLP front did its best work creating the appearances of something that is not real.

On the topic of Health Care there was created in the DLP media the illusion that Conservative efforts were blocking the DLP’s progress to getting their health care agenda passed. That was the illusion. (Not to mention that the whole Democrat health care argument is based and predicated on false illusions.)

What is real is that the blockage was actually in the DLP’s own camp. A blockage they are able to fix by strong arm threats and bribery.

Senator Joe Lieberman was the recipient of the just mentioned threats. He announced as late as a week ago that he would not support the DLP’s Health care reform. To which the vast leftwing DLP movement launched into a 1 million dollar strong arm threat to campaign against Lieberman and voilĂ !

Lieberman’s mind suddenly changed to supporting the bill.

Concurrently we could argue that the whole subject of Anthropogenic Global warming (AGW) is an illusion put forth by Al Gore and the vast leftwing DLP front as was substantiated by disclosure of recent emails which hint at climate collusion and fraud in the Climate Change movement. But that’s not the illusion we’re speaking about today.

Today we are speaking about the illusion of an agreement struck by president Barry Hussein Soetoro at Copenhagen. The headlines blared: President Obama reaches agreement with world leaders to limit global warming. That is the illusion.

However a closer look at what really transpired shows that it was president Soetoro who said it was an Agreement to make himself look good for media consumption. It was an agreement of sorts but not at all what it seemed to be. That’s the illusion.

It was not the multi-Trillion dollar binding agreement that Communist, Socialist, Anarchist, CO2 pimps and other AGW supports were hoping for, an agreement that would force America to pay “undeveloped” countries reparations for America’s past and present energy consumption.

No the ‘Agreement’ that president Soetoro touted was for the vast leftwing DLP front and it’s media cohorts. And that so-called agreement was an agreement that he brokered between China, India, Brazil and South Africa to at least be agreeable in discussing getting into the business of cap and trade. This is an illusion also.
“And that’s where we agreed to list our national actions and commitments, to provide information on the implementation on these actions through national communications, with international consultations and analysis under clearly defined guidelines,” Mr. Obama said, “We agreed to set a mitigation target to limit warming to no more than 2 degree Celsius, and importantly to take action to meet this objective consistent with science.”

The accord is not legally binding, but Mr. Obama said that the hope is that the “we’re in this together” mentality will be a watch-dog of sorts among the countries.
–Jim Sciutto and Sunlen Miller
The reality is that president Soetoro’s agreement was not the agreement that the Green Nazis came to Copenhagen for.

Their goal was to have all major industrial nations sign a treaty which would afford Carbon traders and CO2 emissions pimps complete world domination through the guise of lowering greenhouse gases. Their plan would be implemented by a global taxation system that all nations were supposed to sign-up for in Copenhagen.

The fact is Copenhagen was an abject failure but only president Barry Hussein Soetoro would have the temerity to change the definition of failure and call it a Global Warming Agreement and an “Unprecedented Breakthrough.” That’s the illusion. (see story)

The reality is at the Copenhagen conference as Soetoro acknowledged in Copenhagen was a failure. Soetoro said, “We need more work, more confidence building between emerging economies, the least developed countries and developed countries before another legally binding treaty can be signed.”

What does that mean? It means that the binding treaty that was expected out of Copenhagen was not reached. No matter the verbal hocus pocus that president Soetoro used the Agreement that was expected out of Copenhagen was not reached. (see story)

The final illusion is Jobs. The Soetoro administration promised earlier this year if $787 billion dollar stimulus package was passed it would save and creating 3.6 million jobs and unemployment would not rise above 8%. That was the illusion.

The reality is unemployment will peak around 10.5% which has prompted the House of Representatives to craft a second $155 billion dollar jobs initiative.

Howard Dean has tagged president Soetoro’s and the vast left-wing DPL front’s efforts regarding health care as hocus pocus reform!

This is one isolated insular moment that I applaud Dr. Dean’s assessment of Democrat’s health care efforts. Yet I wish to go somewhat further. Everything that the Democrats have done while controlling the White House and both Houses of Congress has been hocus pocus! From Health Care to Global warming to Jobs all hocus pocus!

It’s all illusion and to believe any of it one would have to be delusional!

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