Friday, February 19, 2010

It’s Obama’s Unpopular Programs Stupid

Senate Majority Leader Democrat Harry Reid holding on for dear life

White House aides have said recently that the president will spend more time on the road, part of an effort to position him above the Washington fray and perhaps a signal that he intends to play a bigger role in helping candidates from his party who are facing tough contests—JAMES HOHMANN & MARIN COGAN
What we have here is a failure to communicate… and listen. The American people have been attempting to communicate to the Democrat President and his Democrat controlled Congress that we don’t want their out-of-control spending, their big nanny-state government or do we want their programs of fundamental changing America.

What are Democrats doing in response to the multiple messages of New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts that the American people sent to Washington Democrats?

They are going to send out President Barry Hussein Soetoro with their same message promoting yet again the same failed programs, Stimulus, Health Care and more Stimulus, programs which the American people have already rejected. But this time on a Barry Soetoro, “Save the Senate Tour” because someone in the Whitehouse thinks that if only we "bitter clingers" with our bibles and guns would hear it again from the Speechify-er-in Chief then maybe we would understand that what the Democrats are doing is for our own good. Tucker Carson of the CATO Institute explains. (see 1:01min video)

So what is the president going to say in Searchlight Nevada campaigning for Sen. Harry Reid? Hello Nevada I’m Barry Hussein Soetoro remember me? I’m the one that has single-handedly killed your economy by telling people not to come here and spend their money in Nevada! Now would you vote for Harry Reid because I really need him. Yeah that ought to go over well for Reid who is already trailing any Republican with a pulse.
“The fate of Congress’s Democratic members and Obama are inextricably tied; there’s no question about that,” said Neil Newhouse, a GOP strategist. “And for those Democratic members who want to put distance between themselves and President Obama in an effort to save their own hides, they just need to look back to how successful that was for Republicans in 2006 and 2008. Which is to say: Good luck with that.” (source)
The trouble for Democrats is they put their trust in a smooth talking Socialist that came in and immediately launched an unapologetic socialist agenda which was meant to Europeanize America forever. But last I looked Europe as problems of its own!

In any event the American people have had a whole year in which to size up all of the talk of president Soetoro to the actual reality. And judging by president Soetoro’s job approval rating and tanking poll numbers I would say the American people have heard what the president has been saying quite well.
But the president on the other hand isn’t listening to the people.

Lou Dobbs discusses president Soetoro's messaging versus the president's programs and the striden partisanship of the president and his Party. (see 3:28min Video)

It's a failure of communication. It’s not that the American people aren’t communicating, no it’s just that Democrats and the president hear you but they believe that they know better than you do.

So in November you can communicate another message—the message of, “Can you hear us now…that you’re out of office!” And again in 2012!

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