Thursday, February 04, 2010

Run for the Hills Democrats even Black Jesus can’t save you now

During the presidential campaign Obama's aides modestly conferred on him the nickname "Black Jesus," according to John Heilemann and Mark Halperin's new book Game Change. If Obama objected to the moniker, he didn't say so.— Peter Wehner
“Many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am He!’ and will mislead many.”—Mark 13:6
Peter Wehner, columnist of Politics Daily has some interest insights in his article, “The Weight Around the Democrats' Ankles: Barack Obama.” According to Wehner Barry Hussein Soetoro who was originally considered God’s gift to Democrat politics is but a mill stone around Democrats’ necks for the 2010 elections.

Democrats are in such mortal fear of what being associated with Soetoro and his agenda might do to their election chances that they are virtually running away from the president who took time in his state of the union address to call the Democrats back from hiding in the hills. (see story) (see 36sec. video)

Before I get into Mr. Wehner’s article first allow me to prognosticate for the upcoming political 2010 elections. Starting now you are going to hear increasingly from top Democrats how Republicans are the problem, that Republicans are obstructionist and how they have been blocking the president’s agenda for purely political reasons.

Please take note that this is the latest in Democrat strategy. It’s the same old worn-out finger pointing and blame that Democrats have used for the last eight years. And it worked well.

So since they don’t have Bush to blame readily at hand any Republicans will do. Especially if a Democrat feels that this tactic will help him or her get elected or keep an incumbent’s seat. Remember where you hear it first! Now back to Wehner’s article.

It doesn’t take much political acumen to understand that in 2006 Democrats planned to win the majority in Congress by using the unpopularity of the Republican President to win seats in Congress. They used it and it worked beautifully.

In 2008 their plans were to increase their majority to a super majority so that Republicans would be relegated to the political sidelines therefore Democrats would control both the Executive and the Legislative Branches of government. All of this came true in 2008.

So with a Super Majority in the House, a filibuster proof Senate and the most radical far Left Liberal (with a Jesus complex) ever to be elected as president of the United States of America, Democrats set out to change water into wine, or United States into France (Or some sort of Liberal European Socialist country).

Under the leadership of President Soetoro and a Democrat controlled Congress the following agenda was set; Signing a bill to close Guantanamo Bay within a year (it’s still open past time), spending $787Billion dollars to create 3 million jobs and stimulate the economy to keep unemployment under 7% (however Obama said in the SOTU address, instead we’ve lost seven million jobs in the last two years.

And might I mention that unemployment is up over 10%), a massive multi-Billion dollar bank bailout, the government takeover of the auto industry (the most radical government takeover of business in the history of America), health care legislation (the most radical government proposed takeover of the medical industry in the history of America) and negotiations to be broadcast on C-SPAN (Not!), the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, 9/11 mastermind set for New York City, a cap-and-trade proposal (which are a new set of taxes on carbon emissions), and now repealing President Clinton’s ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy for the armed services.

Whomever the American people thought they elected when they elected Barry Hussein Soetoro it has became clear to the Moderates and Independents among us that Soetoro’s agenda is not an American agenda it was an agenda that was even to the far left of them! And no amount of speechifying is changing that.

[President Obama] pursued a hyper-partisan agenda and shattered promise after promise. According to the latest Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates, unemployment will remain at around 10 percent this year, which will be like a millstone around the neck of Democrats. ObamaCare has proven to be not only unpopular but politically toxic.

The president's new budget -- which projects a record-breaking, mind-blowing deficit of $1.56 trillion -- is political kryptonite for Democrats; it reinforces the worst possible narrative about them (profligate, fiscally reckless, unprepared to govern).— Peter Wehner

President Soetoro is the most polarizing president since Harry S Truman. Not because Soetoro is Black. The opposition against Soetoro is because of his policies. The public has taken note of Soetoro’s broken promises, his exorbitant spending, and his questionable political and social policies. And Democrats, Moderates and Independent alike reject Soetoro based on those things.

[T]he degree of polarization we have seen during the Obama presidency is unprecedented. Barack Obama is the most polarizing first year president since the 1950s, when Gallup first began polling on this issue.— Peter Wehner

President Soetoro is an ideologue . He has proven to the American people that he puts his agenda above everything else. Democrats running for office in 2010 see this as detrimental to their chances of winning so Democrats are avoiding being associated with Soetoro and his policies.

Since Massachusetts Democrats’ faith seem to be shaken in the “Black Jesus” of Chicago Illinois or of Kenya, or of Hawaii (or wherever he's from) so they look to the hills from whence comes their help, because politically speaking, lately it’s much better to be hidden in the hills than to be seen with Barry “Black Jesus” Soetoro.

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  1. I regard that icon of Obama-Christ a blasphemy, just as surely as a icon of Adolf Hitler. Obama is playing out to be an inept anti-Christ. A true icon of Obam, in the Byzantine Art of Iconography, would express lis lack of dignity with an ugly nose, as Judas Iscariot is often depicted.