Monday, March 08, 2010

Big Day in America

“Today is a big day in America. Only, only 36,000 people lost their jobs today, which is really good”.—Senate Majority Leader Democrat Harry Reid
Well can you see a brand new day! All that hope and change has resulted in only 36,000 people losing their jobs according to Sen. Harry Reid on Friday March 5, 2010. Can I get an Amen! It must have taken the best Democrat Orwellian wordsmiths to come up with that concept Harry. “Job lost is good!” Yay!

And here’s some more good news America, only 112,000 families lost their homes last month. I’m sure Democrats are just giddy about that “good” news too. After all it could have been much worst under George Bush. (irony intended) (see

Well before we get to involved in celebrating the good times of the new global convergence of left wing European Socialism and government control brought on by the election of Barry Hussein Soetoro lets gather our thoughts and assess just what brought us to Sen. Reid’s good news.

[Barry Hussein Soetoro] posted a copy of his Certificate of Live Birth, or “short form” certificate on the web. [Soetoro] claimed that it was a copy of his certified birth certificate. The owner of the blog where the copy was posted, a “fact checker”, verified that the copy submitted by [Soetoro] was an official birth certificate.

People who saw the certificate online claimed that the Certificate of Live Birth wasn’t a copy of [Soetoro’s] original birth certificate, or “long form”, the one that listed which hospital Soetoro was born in, and what doctor was in attendance. Soetoro, and his representatives, argued that the document he proffered was recognized by state officials where he was born as a viable alternative of his original certified birth certificate. The state officials came to Soetoro’s defense, stating a copy of his original birth certificate was “on file” and “had been viewed”.

Several lawsuits were filed in various state and federal courts, demanding Soetoro provide a copy of the original birth certificate, or “long” form to the court.
Soetoro responded to the lawsuits by having his subordinates ridicule in the press those who had filed the suits as nitwits, conspiracy nuts, and “birthers”.

Rather than submitting a copy of his original birth certificate to a judge, Soetoro choose to spend-under the aegis of a committee he had formed-hundreds of thousands, in some estimates, over a million dollars in legal fees to fight the lawsuits. --(source DBKP)
First we elected a man who has spent over a million dollars hiding his past from the American people. A man who Tom Brokaw and Charlie Rose admitted that we know very little about. (And that is still the case in a little over a year of his presidency.) Then this man, as he promised he would during his campaign, goes about to fundamentally change America by using Orwellian redefinition and fascist executive order signing (perhaps more authoritarian executive order signing) than by any previous president in history in his first year.

This president and Democrats are redefining America with their Orwellian Worldview as they go along on their agenda of change. So how is the business of fundamentally changing America going? (see 6:34min video)

Ah yes, I can see a brand new day. A day when Americans losing only 36,000 jobs is a good day because under this current administration and Democrat controlled Congress I’m sure those numbers will drastically increase. Making 36,000 lost jobs a mere tear drop in an ocean of unemployment.

With "good" news like this Mr. Reid I can't wait until presidential elections 2012!
And let's keep with the hope and change mantra. Or even the more direct, "Anyone but Obama" will do just as nice!

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