Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pelosi channels Baghdad Bob on This Week

Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Vargas

Well, no, there are some. There are some because they, again, some of it is orchestrated from the Republican headquarters. 
Some of it is hijacking the good intentions of lots of people who share some of our concerns that we have about the role of special interests and many Tea Partiers, not that I speak for them, share the view, whether it's -- and Democrats, Republicans and Independents share the view that the recent Supreme Court decision, which greatly empowers the special interests, is something that they oppose.—Nancy Pelosi
I know why Nancy Pelosi believes that the people of San Francisco are stupid. I just don’t know why she thinks we all are.

I have found that if you can’t follow her or if you can’t understand her, it’s not you. No you’ve just been listening to the U.S. Congress’ very own version of that master of miscommunication. Pelosi is the United States’ Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf. You remember al Sahhaf from the Iraqi war don’t you?

I so enjoy listening to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. She reminds me of the final days of Saddam Hussein in Iraq where Saddam’s Minister of misinformation, al-Sahhaf also known as Baghdad Bob, lied to the world about the state of the war in Iraq. He also lied about the fact that American soldiers were about to take Baghdad. Baghdad Bob was completely oblivious of what the reality was. That’s something that he and Pelosi have in common.

No – No what I said at the time is, that they were -- the Republican Party directs a lot of what the Tea Party does, but not everybody in the Tea Party takes direction from the Republican Party. And so there was a lot of, shall we say, Astroturf, as opposed to grassroots.

But, you know, we share some of the views of the Tea Partiers in terms of the role of special interest in Washington, D.C., as -- it just has to stop. And that's why I've fought the special interest, whether it's on energy, whether it's on health insurance, whether it's on pharmaceuticals and the rest. –Nancy Pelosi

On ABC’s This Week on Sunday, February 28th hosted by Elizabeth Vargas, Pelosi channeled Baghdad Bob when asked about statements she make regarding the Conservative movement, The Tea Party.

Pelosi attempted to mitigate her early comments about the group by feigning some commonality and fealty to the Tea Party’s goals and objectives while at the same time reinforce her original statement that it was a fake movement spurred on by the Republican Party. (see transcript)(see 1:23min video)

Pelosi was so deliciously duplicitous that Vargas was totally disarmed and didn’t catch her deception nor did she call Pelosi on her duplicity. Tim Russert would have both caught Pelosi and called her on it. This is what Pelosi said about the Tea Party just months previous: (see 1min video)

Now in comparison please enjoy Baghdad Bob as he attempts to out talk reality by misstating what was actually happening in Iraq just days before the fall of Iraq and the capture of Saddam Hussein (see 9:53 min video)

There is virtually no difference between the reality testing of Baghdad Bob and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. All the more reason to remove Democrats from power, if Pelosi is as demented as Baghdad Bob proved to be, she is doing this country a grave disservice by hold the office and the responsibilities that she now bears being that she is third in line to be president if Soetoro or Vice president Biden can no longer serve.

Baghdad Bob was pathetic to the point of being a laughingstock. Pelosi on the other hand wields too much power and is too recklessly Partisan to take lightly however pathetic she maybe.

Hopefully the voters in her district will see the great damage that she has single handedly caused this nation and will vote her out of office. If voters did that they would be performing a great service to this country. And they would be removing someone who has become a laughingstock who is reflecting on them and our nation.

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