Thursday, March 18, 2010

President Talkingpoints

Clearly the president left his pants on the ground in this interview and looked somewhat foolish… no he looked absolutely ridiculous
In an unbelievable interview and using his Bully-pulpit; president Barry Hussein Soetoro channeled Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for over fifteen straight minutes where he misdirected, over spoke, counterpointed, redefined reality, blamed Republicans, blamed the Bush administration and attempted to explain away how health care is being processed by a Democrat Congress and what its passing would do to the American economy. (see Misleading talkingpoints)

In this video you can actually see how Soetoro was attempting to control how health care is thought about in this country. In the end he got frustrated because Bret Baier of Fox News would not give him a free pass on his Alice in Wonderland notions on health care.

At one point Baier had to protest that the president was filibustering the interview. (see 15min interview)

Clearly the president left his pants on the ground in this interview and looked somewhat foolish…no he looked absolutely ridiculous attempting to defend what he said in the past which now conflicts with what he is saying and doing now. Not to even mention that he couldn’t defend the process that the Democrat Congress is using to pass his healthcare reform other than to say that he’s not worried about the process.

Well, he should be worried as every American should be worried because Congress is planning on using an unscrupulous method, the Slaughter rule, to pass an unconstitutional law. The president should be worried more-so because he took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Or one would think that he would be.

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