Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Warming Alarmists turn to Science to explain cooling

"There is a lack of consensus," said Kevin Trenberth, head of the Climate Analysis Section at the U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research, on why global temperatures have not matched a peak set in 1998, or in 2005 according to one U.S. analysis. For a table of world temperatures:--Gerard Wynn and Alister Doyle

So if you can believe your lying eyes…please let me rephrase. If you can believe the empirical evidence before you—you realize that the theory which advances the concept of trapped man-made greenhouse gases causing calamitous global temperature increases and world-wide climate destruction is wrong.

Simply put Al Gore told us that man-made and emitted CO2 in the atmosphere is causing Anthropogenic Global Warming or AGW. However a look outside and we see that Gore’s claims are not matching reality. We also note that the so-called science on which he based those claims is not credible. Oh yeah and there is now a lack of consensus on just what happened to Global warming. Imagine that! (see article)

But there’s more, we also find out that the Barry Hussein Soetoro administration knew that the actual evidence does not support the theory of AGW and the other claims of Global warming alarmists.

However instead of an open and transparent disclosure of the facts the Soetoro EPA suppressed Senior EPA Researcher Alan Carlin’s report that shows unequivocally that global temperatures are not rising with CO2 emissions. (see 2:52 min video)

Also the EPA has threatened that if Congress doesn’t enact and pass a cap and trade bill that the EPA itself would regulate Carbon emissions.

They would enact draconian laws to control emissions in America by imposing its own regulatory edicts. This even in light of the fact that the EPA is aware that there is evidence to suggest that any regulatory measures against CO2 are blatantly unnecessary and unwarranted. (see 6:46min video)

Global temperatures are not increasing due to CO2 in the atmosphere. Global temperatures have not increased since 1998. Global temperatures are decreasing and now Global warming alarmists are turning to science to ask why?
Scientists said they must explain better how a freezing winter this year in parts of the northern hemisphere and a break in a rising trend in global temperatures since 1998 can happen when heat-trapping gases are pouring into the atmosphere.
Scientists can no longer deny that global temperatures are colder and that there has not been an increase in global temperatures since 1998 so scientists are attempting to explain to us how the phenomenon of global warming produces global cooling.
British Hadley Centre scientists said last year that there was no warming from 1999-2008, after allowing for extreme, natural weather patterns. Temperatures should have risen by a widely estimated 0.2 degrees Centigrade, given a build up of manmade greenhouse gases.
Some Global warming Alarmists are still clinging to the Arctic ice melt and the all but debunked 2007 U.N. IPCC report. By doing so they virtually choose to ignore the fact that Alaskan ice mass is growing greater than it has grown in 250 years. (see source)

And Global warming Alarmists completely disregard Prof. Phil Jones, former director of the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research, recantation of elevation of global temperatures and the U.N. IPCC’s recantation of elevated sea levels

Instead Global warming alarmists are going to use science to explain why global warming has been in hiatus for almost 15 years and why it has produced the cooling that the earth is experiencing.

Good luck with that!

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