Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gordon Brown Channeling Obama

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and U.S. president Barry Hussein Soetoro

Mr. Speaker once again it’s nothing to do with policy. He is incapable of dealing with the big issues which face this country.

And let me say what this chancellor is achieving. This chancellor is leading the rest of world in taking us out of recession. This chancellor has taken action the conservative body refuses to support.

What happen when we had to deal with the banks? What would the conservative have done? Nothing! What would have done when we were helping mortgage holders, nothing! What would they have done when we were helping the unemployed? Nothing! What is their policy? It is to do nothing. That is not the basis on which to ask for an election!
—Gordon Brown
This is the stuff that international conspiracies are made of. Unlike our American Congress the MPs in the British Parliament can openly and honestly debate their Prime Minister regarding their failed government.

President Barry Hussein Soetoro knows nothing about debating the issues that he so cavalierly says he’d be happy to debate. The staged controlled Republican health care summit was a sham not a debate because president Soetoro controlled everything.

You wish to see real debate take a look that the British Parliament and watch real debaters. But here's an unexpected warning something is eerily familiar with what the Blair government is doing and with what the Soetoro government is doing.

Notice how Prime Minister Gordon Brown answers back critics citing programs that seem to have come straight out of the Barry Hussein Soetoro play book for America. (see 5:34min video)

Now this is the only party that wants an election when they’ve got no policy to deal with the recession, They want an election but they’ve got no policy to help home owners, They want an election but they’ve got no policy to help the unemployed. This is a Party that is talk, talk and talk but nothing to do with action.—Gordon Brown

If one didn’t know any better one would think that what Democrats are imposing on this country by way of their health care law, their unpaid for unemployment benefits and their other social restructuring imposed laws—laws that the dying European government are imposing on its people as well.

The only differences seems to be there is enough political resistance in the British political class to oppose these failing policies where there is no such resistance to speak of in the United States Congress. The other difference is that Gordon Brown doesn’t have George W. Bush to blame for his troubles.

Britain seems to be in serious political and economic trouble but it seems that they are only surpassed in this fate by America under the leadership of Barry Hussein Soetoro.

Barry Hussein Soetoro will be historically noted as the president who presided over America’s declined.

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