Monday, April 12, 2010

NPR and the Nigerian Observer reported in 2008 Obama Kenyan Born

National Public Radio reported Barry Hussein Soetoro as “a son of Africa” in 2008 apparently not all of the background information about the 44th president of the United States has been scrubbed from the internet yet.(see story)(Listen to 12:22min audio. 9:41mins in)

Why, do you suppose those NPR “birthers” weren’t aware of Soetoro’s Hawaiian “Prima Facie” birth certificate like those who defend him are today? Where do you suppose NPR got such information? And didn’t the editors at the Nigerian Observer read the Wall Street Journal’s opinion that president Soetoro was born in Hawaii?

Why would NPR lie? Why did the Nigerian Observer print a false statement? I think that our Hawaiian born president should sue NPR and the Nigerian Observer for misrepresenting the facts. Don’t you?

What do you think? (see Nigerian Observer page below)

Until this matter is fully resolved to the satisfaction of the American people Barry Hussein Soetoro is a one term president who stands to have his entire presidency expunged from the annuals of American History.

As well, when it is finally revealed that Mr. Soetoro was never eligible to be president and when it is revealed that he had full knowledge of that fact before he criminally conspired to usurp the presidency and when it is revealed that he continued to serve knowing that he was constitutionally ineligible to do so; then every order, law and treaty that he has signed will be invalidated, every appointment that he has made will be invalid and summarily vacated. And every domestic enemy that aided and abetted this treasonous presidency will be arrested, tried and dealt with in accordance with the dictates of the constitution.

This is the devastation that Liberals and Democrats have willed on America because of their insane gluttony for power. They destroyed the Bush presidency only to replace it with a sham presidency of their own.

Soetoro is an unconstitutional Kenyan born “son of Africa” sitting in the White house who is “play acting” like he is the president of the United States of America.  And largely all of America is “play acting” right along with him aided by their suspension of disbelief.

Mr. Soetoro must be compelled to do the right thing by showing proof of his birth. No other American president has had such a preponderance of evidence to show that he was ineligible to serve like this man has. This is the only one. And he must be made to comply with the constitution for the sake of this country and its laws.

As long as Soetoro is president the United States, the United States is functioning as a rogue nation in violation of its own laws, its own treaties and its own Constitution. As long as the people of the United States pretend that they don’t know that there is something terribly wrong this presidency things will continue to get worst for this country. It’s like ignoring cancer. If one chooses ignore cancer the cancer will continue to metastasize and worsen.

President Soetoro and Liberal Democrats are depending on their assessment of the American people which is the American people don’t really care about the constitution. They’ve presented and elected an unconstitutionally eligible president and the America people do nothing. They put in place an unconstitutional power structure of Czars answerable only to the president and the American people do nothing. They’ve failed to enforce America’s borders in compliance with Constitutional mandates and the American people do nothing. And they’ve pass an unconstitutional health care law and the American people still do nothing.

If Liberals are correct in their assessment of America and if the American people no longer care about upholding and enforcing the Constitution then Barry Hussein Soetoro’s presidency will mark the end of America as we have known it.

But isn’t that what the Kenyan born “son of Africa” promised he would do in his campaign of hope and change?

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  1. Anonymous9:15 AM

    amazing things happen, when the media fails to report anything.
    The media is just as guilty as those that denied the citizens of this country a fair and legal election