Monday, May 03, 2010

Arizona has done nothing wrong; Illegal Aliens have

Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona

Angered by Arizona's crackdown on illegal immigrants, protesters took to the streets on Saturday to denounce the new law and call on President Barack Obama to act urgently on immigration reform at May Day rallies across the United States.-- Jill Serjeant
Mexico needs Comprehensive Immigration reform not the United States. We need only to enforce the existing laws that the government under president Barry Hussein Soetoro has refused to enforce.

On a weekend that was supposed to see American Streets spillover with anti-American and anti-Arizona protests that was not the case. Instead it has been a brutal disappointment for anti-Americanist who attempted take advantage of Arizona’s illegal alien law (which protects Arizona from an illegal alien invasion) by attempting to get millions of people into the streets. What illegal alien anarchists intended was to use Saturday May 1, 2010 to rally illegal aliens and illegal entry anarchists all across the United States against the laws and constitution of this country.(see article)

But instead of the hoped for images of massive millions of illegal alien-entry anarchists marching through the streets of American what actually happened was very low turnouts across the nation and a News cycle which focused on a real new terrorist threat, a bombing attempt in New York City and the now catastrophic foreign British Petroleum oil spill in the gulf of Mexico. (see articles here and here)

Arizona law attempts to wean Mexicans and the country of Mexico off of the full supple America tit. And as one might expect Mexicans are throwing a hurricane Katrina size tantrum because the Diary Cow which they stole has warned them that it will not forever give free U.S. government milk to foreign goats that should be grazing on their own Mexican grass.

Angered by a controversial Arizona immigration law, tens of thousands of protesters - including 50,000 alone in Los Angeles - rallied in cities nationwide demanding President Barack Obama tackle immigration reform immediately.-- SOPHIA TAREEN

There is nothing broken about American immigration law. Let me repeat, there is nothing broken about American immigration law. What is broken is the entire country of Mexico!

Mexico is not providing for its people, the Mexican government is not protecting its people from out of control lawless drug cartels and Mexico’s economy is so non-existent that it has resorted to stealing from the United States’ economy. Mexico is broken not American’s immigration law.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer gives the reasons why this law is constitutional and necessary for the safety of Arizona while she beats back the lies that illegal entry anarchists have told about this bill. (see 5:16min video)

But blame not only rest with Mexico. In America we have a broken federal government which consists of a broken presidency, a broken Congress and a broken Judiciary. America’s federal government is also corrupt. America’s federal government is broken and corrupted by liberalism. If liberalism is not halted dead in its destructive tracks Liberalism will be the ruination of America.

Any time the American president, American politicians and any American citizen can openly advocate for breaking American law as illegal alien entry anarchists have done then it is true something is broken. Two things are broken Mexico and the U.S. Federal Government.

The reason that immigration is the problem that it is—is because the president, congress and the judiciary are not doing their jobs. The federal government which Barry Hussein Soetoro presides over is broken not immigration laws and not the immigration system. The federal government has willfully violated its own law by neglecting the law’s enforcement and then by calling their own neglect to enforce “broken immigration law” or a “broken immigration system.”

It is not either of the two. What it is, is a failure of U.S. federal government and as a result of that failure the federal government is broken and can only be fixed by replacing the entire federal government complex starting by removing every Liberal Democrat and every Liberal Conservative first.

Arizona has given America the key to its salvation. According to sources Mexicans are the fastest growing minority in the United States. That statistic is based purely on illegality and illegal entry into this country.

Any comprehensive reform is only a cover for the broken Mexican government and the broken U.S. federal government. First fix Mexico and then fix the U.S. federal Government which refuses to enforce its own immigration laws. That is the reform that we need.

Arizona is doing that, they are doing what is right. Arizona has done nothing wrong. Illegal alien entry anarchists are wrong.

Whether that includes the president of the United States of America (and it does) the Congress both Democrats and Republicans who support illegal alien entry into the United States, they are all illegal alien entry anarchists and they are enemies of the constitution when they support comprehensive immigration reform, or in plain language, amnesty for over 20 million illegal aliens.

And the chain reaction that will ensue when 20 million illegals are eligible to vote and invite 20 million more of their family and friends into the United States based on laws that would allow them to under the comprehensive plan.

Right now only the state of Arizona has chosen to do what’s right and stand against misguided popular opinion. Only the state of Arizona is fighting for America. Arizona is right no matter what the president or what the media says, Arizona is right.

If we can no longer determine between right and wrong as a nation then we are truly a nation that is lost.

Are we lost?

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