Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I can’t believe that Liberals are that Stupid about Arizona

Enforcing U.S. Law as it should be

Attorney General Eric Holder said Sunday that the Justice Department was considering a federal lawsuit against Arizona's new immigration law.

"We are considering all of our options. One possibility is filing a lawsuit," Holder told NBC's "Meet the Press." Possible grounds for the lawsuit would be whether the Arizona law could lead to civil rights violations, he said.
Say the word Arizona when you speak to a Liberal or Progressive, the latest name which they answer to these days, and immediately their eyes roll back into their heads and they beginning to regurgitate the whole 1960’s civil rights “we shall overcome” mantra like that has anything to do with the illegal alien invasion that is transpiring in this country.

Our country is being overrun by illegal invaders also known as the aforementioned illegal aliens.

Illegal Invaders or Mexican Nationals or Citizens of the Sovereign country of Mexico have and are illegally crossing America’s border which is a federal violation of American law.

Yet these lawbreakers in a topsy-turvy logic and truth defying attempt are calling this gross violation of American sovereignty their constitutional civil right. They are also calling their illegal presence in the United States their constitutional guaranteed civil right. Both are outrageous and outlandish lies.

Oh I understand why Mexicans would leave the hell hole called Mexico, nothing to be proud of there. But what I can’t understand is why Americans would accept all of the lame claims on American rights from citizens from another country who are obviously here to exploit the sickly U.S. economy.

Oh yeah I understand all of that immigrant baloney that illegal invader anarchists shovel at us but actual immigrants come via U.S. immigration law not via Arizona/Mexico, Texas/Mexico or California/Mexico borders over and through fences.

Now Liberals that occupy the highest echelons of American government are hell bent on defying all reality. The Barry Hussein Soetoro administration’s Justice Department under AG Eric Holder has announced that it is considering suing Arizona on behalf of Mexico, Mexican Illegal invaders and Mexican Illegal invader anarchists who wish to violate the U.S. Constitution. (see article)

So let’s get this clear. The American federal government is considering suing Arizona a state of the United States of America because Arizona has decided to uphold the constitution of the United States of America, something that the president of the United States has sworn to do but has chosen not to do. The president has ignored his responsibility to uphold the constitution since his inauguration. (see 1: 31 min video)

We are no longer a nation of laws since the inauguration of 2009 we have officially become a nation of liars. Every word that the government speaks through Barry Hussein Soetoro is meant to obfuscate reality. There is nothing but deceit in what Soetoro and his chosen henchmen say.

[T]hose living illegally in the United States would have to pay a penalty and any taxes they owe, learn English and "make themselves right with the law" before starting the process of gaining U.S. citizenship.—CNN

When Soetoro speaks about Comprehensive Immigration Reform he is really speaking about amnesty for 20 million illegal Mexican invaders who have broken U.S. law primarily because their own country Mexico no longer functions as a legitimate Nation. So instead of Mexicans fixing their own country they come here thereby bringing the same dysfunction to the United States that they have in Mexico.

Oh it will not happen overnight, but it has already begun. The president of the United States has called for amnesty for illegal invaders of a foreign nation. He is presenting Mexico’s multiple problems as if they are the problems if the United States of America. Mexico’s problems are the United States’ because Mexico, Liberals and unnamed powers have made Mexico’s problems which are our secondarily seem to be our primary problems.

So instead of looking to fix why it is that Mexicans are fleeing Mexico we call each other names pejoratives like racists and bigots because those of us who see what is actually going on will not simply accept the popular narrative that what is wrong is our immigration laws.

We understand that changing our laws and thereby making illegality legal by the waving of the Congressional magic wand the problem of illegal invasion into this country will not be solved. What is faulty with that line of non-reasoning is that Mexico is still the problem and no matter how much or how many laws we change here until the economy and the government in Mexico are fixed they will continue to illegally invade the United States.

Unless of course the people of the United States foolishly allow their government to change the law thus legalizing the illegal invasion of the United States by Mexican Nationals.

I don’t believe that the American people are that stupid. Just because the Barry Hussein Soetoro government does doesn’t mean that we are all that stupid.

If Democrats and Liberals are allowed to continue to misinform about this great Mexican illegal invasion they will bring irreparable harm to the country that was once the greatest example of freedom that the world has ever seen.

Democrats and Liberals can only do this if you and I are as stupid as they think we are.


  1. I would never disparage a man from trying to better himself or take care of his family. That is what these illegals are doing, of course.

    However, when that one man, or family, becomes an unquenchable tidal wave lasting 4 generations, and those newcomers refuse to assimilate into Americans, then something must be done.

    I would return Ike to the presidency and expel the offenders en masse . But as this is as likely as manliness returning to our elected Leadership perhaps the best we CAN do is give up and move along?

  2. No that is not what illegals are doing. Illegals are jumping ship from their own hell hole of a country and polluting our country with the same ignorance that is destroying their country.

    They are primarily here to vote and keep Democrats in power. That accomplished our country will begin to morph into the socialist failed country model that is Mexico and the rest of the world.

    There is absolutely no honor in breaking into another country and stealing it's wealth.

    If Americans did that we would be called imperialist.

    Sorry I can't give Mexicans, Mexico and our government a free pass on this situation in any sense at all.

  3. Here is a reasonable explanation of what's wrong with liberals.