Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's Happening!!!!

It didn't take long for the threatened Arizona
to backfire on the few states that
have espoused it
. Already, with almost 70% of the
nation solidly behind Arizona, more and more states
are promising to support the state
with conferences
and vacation trips. In addition, those states
are contemplating similar legislation, and a majority of their
residents, are planning on voting with their pocket-books

to give California and the rest of the whiners a taste
of their own boycott medicine.

I knew that this would happen!!! You would have had
to be a complete idiot to think that the "silent
was going to let this pass by unchallenged.

Can't wait to see how this plays out.......
in the "lame-stream media", and in the States. I have
a feeling that the whole thing is going to quietly die down,
when the bleeding hearts come to grips with the reality of life
and forget about all this political correctness,
and the
politicians realize that it will hurt them far more than the few
hispanic votes that they will gain.

They forget that in that 70% in favor of the Arizona law, there
are most of the hispanic-American citizens and legal residents.

They too want the protection from the illegals and dope

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