Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This is a Joke, Right?????

I find it hard to believe that
President Calderon of Mexico has the giant cojones to criticize
the immigration laws of the United States.

He has found sympathy from the morons that are governing
our contry, from the Department of Homeland Security, right
up to the "Chief Moron".

When you actually take the time to think about it, nobody
in the Obama White House has one ounce of experience at ever running any
kind of a business.
So it is no surprise that they can't
understand the very simple terminology in the Arizona Illegal Immigrant
. Remember........... these are the people
who questioned Sarah Palin's qualifications of leadership.
voters fell for the "teleprompter king's" rhetoric, and look what we got
stuck with.

My whole point about Calderon's "complaint" is that
Mexico's illegal immigrant policy is severe.......... in terms of the
type of punishment and it's degree. If you are an unfortunate
immigrant, coming up from Central America, and enter Mexico illegally,
you will have all the time in the world to regret it.
So in light of Mexico's policy, does Calderon have
any right in the world to criticize us???

I am supplying a link here, which everyone should
click on and read in it's entirety. Then you will understand
part of the frustration of Arizona, and the rest of the border state,
with the Federal Government's lack of compassion and overall intelligence.

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