Monday, May 24, 2010

What? No Apology?

President Soetoro and his Mexican mouthpiece

If somebody do that without permission we send back them—Mexican President Felipe Calderon, speaking about people in Mexico without legal authority
The President of Mexico, Felipe De Jesus CALDERON Hinojosa made three very Public speeches when he visited the United States of America last week, one on the White house lawn, another in front of a joint session of Congress and another in an interview with Wolf Blitzer of CNN News. Not in one of those speeches did the Mexican president apologize for the impact that 40 million illegal Mexican invaders are having on the laws and the economy of the United States of America. What, no apology?

Not once did the Mexican President apologize for exporting Mexico’s problems to America. Not once did the Mexican President apologize for an over abundance of Mexican citizens in this country.  Illegal Mexicans in this country drive down American wages and take American jobs. Not once did the Mexican President apologize for an out of control drug war where law enforcement, political figures and news media personalities are being brutally butchered and murdered. This war is spilling over across the borders of the United States.

Not once did the Mexican President apologize for Mexicans making Arizona the number two kidnapping capital in the world second only to Mexico City and not once did the Mexican President apologize for producing a book that instructs Mexican people on how to evade or manipulate U.S. law, but no apology given. (see book)

What we did get is disrespect covered over in the language of the left. Even though the full emphasis of the immigration problem rests squarely on Mexico president Calderon and his counterpart president Soetoro continues to attempt to make Mexico’s illegal immigration problem into a United States exclusive problem.
How do they do this? By stealing and co-opting language of the civil rights, words like Racial Profiling, Discrimination human Rights, core values, and the like, Mexico and disloyal self-hating Americans attempt to twist the facts by using words that do not apply to the reality of illegal alien invasion that is now happening in the United States.

The facts are Mexico has not kept up with the 21st Century. Mexico has no industrial infrastructure with which to support its people, Mexico’s government is not providing for nor protecting its own people therefore Mexico is exporting tens of millions of Mexican citizens to the United States therefore making Mexico’s problems the United States problems.

And in the complete co-opted language of the civil rights movement Mexicans and self-hating U.S. Citizens attempt to disguise the fact that upwards of 40 million Mexicans are presently in the United States breaking American immigration law.

Following are three examples of the disrespect that Mexican Calderon displayed to the American people. First in this joint statement with the first post-American president Barry Hussein Soetoro, Calderon disrespects the people of Arizona and the laws of the United States of America as does president Soetoro does. (see 28:30min video)

Second watch as Democrats give treasonous applause to a foreign president who disrespects a state in this country and advocates the changing of U.S. laws to accommodate foreign interest. This is just cause to vote every Democrat in the House and Senate out of office in 2010 and 2012! (see 3:28mins video)

Third see President Calderon explain to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer how Mexico’s draconian laws regarding immigration were conveniently recently changed, but if you are in Mexico illegally in the president’s own words,” If somebody do that without permission we send back them” (see7:16min video)

According to Felipe Calderon just 1 short year ago Mexico’s immigration law changed, isn’t that convenient. The reality of the matter is Mexico only changed their law because they want access to America by any means necessary. Mexico had recently come under scrutiny by Americans who knew that Mexico was being hypocritical by demanding rights in America that they weren’t willing to give themselves thus the law change.

Mexico is a broken down corrupt third world country that is in a drug cartel civil war. It’s people are fleeing the country because the inept leadership of that country has done nothing in the last 50 years to improve the quality of life for the Mexican people.

Mexico’s President came to the United States because he knows that you know that his country is failing. Yet he is here to insult your intelligence and convince you that 40 million Mexicans in America is your problem not his.

The President of Mexico in a grant act of hypocrisy came to this country to lecture Americans on how to treat his people. President Calderon delivered a message for the Barry Hussein Soetoro a message that should seal a one term presidency for Soetoro.

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