Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why can’t little Eric Read?

AG Eric Holder
That is certainly one of the concern that I have that you will end up in a situation where people are racially profiled. And that could lead to a wedge drawn between certain communities and law enforcement.

Which leads to the problem of people in those communities not willing to interact with people in law enforcement, not will to share information, not willing to be witnesses when law enforcement needs them. I think you need to think of the collateral consequences of such a law.
—Attorney General Eric Holder, ThisWeek
Question, did Attorney General Eric Holder Read the Arizona Immigration Law before he attacked it? Here’s AG Holder on ABC’s ThisWeek Sunday News raising concerns about Arizona’s law. (see 1:06min video)

After hearing the Attorney General’s concerns about the Arizona Immigration law some in the media began to get suspicious and began to ask questions. Had the President or his Attorney General even read the law that they were attacking?

It certainly didn’t seem like it to those of us who read the law because what the president and his AG were saying didn’t even come close to what the law actually is. What they were saying was “Weapons of Mass Destruction” wrong!

Brit Hume of Fox News asks the question how could the president and his Attorney General get it so wrong? I don’t know Brit they seem like a couple of bright guys maybe they’re getting their News from the cable’s CNN or MSNBC or maybe they’re being informed by broadcast News of ABC, CBS, NBC or 60 minutes. (see 2:48min video)

I know what to do, let’s call the AG before a congressional hearing and ask him if he’s read the Arizona law. Or if he didn’t read it where did he get his information from. He’ll tell us.

Congressman Ted Poe will you asked the AG if he’s read the Arizona law before he went on ABC’s ThisWeek to raise concerns about it, or if he’s read it any time since?

We would like to know since Mr. Holder probably made the over 40 million illegal aliens in this country fearful about Arizona and we wouldn’t want illegals to think that entering the United States illegally is a violation of law subject to being arrested and deported back to the country that they are a citizen of, now would we. (see 3:44min video)

Congressman Ted Poe (R-TX) questioning Attorney General Eric Holder about his knowledge of Arizona Senate Bill 1070 (commonly known as the Arizona Immigration Law).

Pitiful just pitiful, oh I see Mr. Holder you haven’t read the law. And the reason that you didn’t is because it’s your staff’s fault for not briefing you and putting the law before you before you went on national television and made wild accusations and categorically false statements about Arizona and Arizona Senate Bill 1070.

In addition to that I’ve also heard the wild accusations and categorically false statements that your boss, the president is making about Arizona and its Immigration law. I’m betting he hasn’t read the law either.

Below is linked copy of the law for all of you other Liberal misinformed haters who quote chapter and verse of what your ill-informed president says about everything. Obviously you don’t know to check things out for yourselves.
(Arizona Senate Bill 1070)

Now the next time someone jumps up and shouts, “You Lie!” When Soetoro is speaking you ‘all will know that someone has probably read something that Barry Hussein Soetoro just didn’t have time to read before Soetoro popped off about it before the nation! Or the alternative may well be that neither little Barry nor little Eric can read!

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