Monday, June 07, 2010

Comprehensive Immigration Reform means Amnesty to Obama

Obama redefining U.S. as a Nation
Make no mistake our immigration system is broken. And after so many years of which Washington has failed to meet its responsibilities Americans are right to be frustrated, including folks along Border States.

But the answer isn’t to undermine fundamental principles that define us as a nation
–president Barry Hussein Soetoro
No matter how much one says it—It cannot be said enough discussing any subject with a Progressive Liberal is like stepping through an alternate Orwellian world full of doublethink and newspeak. For example, the term Comprehensive Immigrant Reform means Amnesty to Progressives like president Barry Hussein Soetoro. Not because I say it does but because they say it does. (see 1:25min video)

The first thing that one must do when speaking to a Progressive Liberal is reject how they frame the conversation or you will undoubtedly be caught up in an endless loop of attempting to argue reasonability from a frame work that is purely unreasonable.

First of all, U.S. immigration laws is not broken. You must reject that idea. U.S. immigration laws are not enforced. U.S. immigration laws have not been enforced for several presidential administrations. If our immigration laws where enforced for whatever reasons that they are not, there would not be the appearance that our laws are broken.

President Soetoro says that businesses that hire illegals must be held responsible yet when Arizona attempted to do that Soetoro's justice department hypocritically opposed Arizona's attempt to do what the president said needed to be done.(see article)

However if there is something broken it is a government that refuses to enforce its own laws. Therefore, one must reject the argument out-of-hand that U.S. immigration laws are broken.

Second enforcing immigration laws by either Federal government or State government will not undermine the fundamental principles that define us as a nation. The fundamental principles that define this nation are borders, language and culture. To the extent that we have allowed an Orwellian definition of what our fundamental principles are has done irreparable harm to this country.

The way to fix our broken immigration system is through common sense comprehensive immigration reform. And that means responsibility from government to secure our borders, something that we have done and will continue to do.
It means responsibility from businesses that break the law by undermining American workers and exploiting undocumented workers, they’ve got to be held accountable. It means responsibility from people who are living here illegally. They’ve got to admit that they’ve broke the law and pay taxes and pay a penalty and learn English and get right before the law. And then get in line and earn their citizenship. –president Barry Hussein Soetoro

Our fundamental principles have never been to condone illegality while fighting citizens of this country who are attempting to defend the constitution of the United States of American, but that is exactly what Progressive Liberals are doing.

Progressive Liberals, and president Barry Hussein Soetoro are protecting the continual criminal enterprise of human smuggling and human exploitation that is originating primarily from the country of Mexico. The Mexican government is a corrupt exploitative Oligarchy, which is using the United States as a release value which to export its poverty. The Mexican government is broken not U.S. immigration law. (see 1:45min video)

Lastly, changing U.S. laws ,thus making illegality legal, will not solve the fundamental problem which the U.S. and Mexico faces. The fundamental problem is that two broken governments have colluded and conspired to exploit the poverty-stricken people of Mexico. The countries of Mexico and the United States are in collusion to transfer Mexico’s poverty to the United States in exchange for lower labor costs in the U.S. and a voting-block of ignorant voters that will continue to keep the corrupt government of Progressive Liberals in power in the U.S. for decades.

When the president of the United States talks about comprehensive immigration reform he is in fact speaking about his and Mexico’s continual treasonous and seditious plan against this country to exploit the poor people of Mexico by making them low wage earners in the U.S. Overall this results in lowering the standard of living for citizens of the U.S. by driving down wages. In addition illegal alien entry into the U.S. attacks the fundamental principles of U.S. which are borders, language and culture which have historically have been identifiers of a nation throughout all of human history.

Without the fundamental principles of borders, language and culture no country has ever been able to survive.

Without borders, language and culture the United States will not survive that is what Comprehensive Immigration Reform will do to the United States, it will be the death of this country.


  1. Anonymous5:13 PM

    I have a better idea! Give California back to the Mexicans, and Poof!, No Immigration Problems!

  2. You wanna bet? After Mexicans trash California like they've done Mexico they'll be looking for another state to tear down in no time flat.

  3. Anonymous5:30 PM

    How can California be trashed any worse than it is? The problem with giving California back to the Mexicans is that the Mexicans would not be dumb enough to take it back!

  4. I can think of a lot of ways that California can be trashed worse than it presently is. One elect Jerry Brown for Governor for a third time. That would be a real regressive move for people who claim to be progressives.

    Continue electing Democrats for the California Assembly. Democrats control California and everything that is wrong with California is because of Democrats.

    And last continue the Motor Voter Fraud where people are signing up to vote and are voting by mail. This system has no verification system built in so for all we know illegals are voting for Democrats who are trashing California!

    Lastly if people are dumb enough to suggest that California should be given to a foreign country then I'm quite sure Mexicans aren't the only intellectually challenged people in this conversation!

  5. Anonymous9:33 AM

    You have convinced me that the Mexicans aren't dumb enough to take California off US Hands. With Democrats even stupider than the average Democrat, and with their 50 Electoral votes that always go to the Democrat, who needs them.

    If California secedes, Let Them! Much better would be to expell them from the Union. If the Mexicans won't take them, then perhaps the Chinese could be hornswoggled into it. How well do you handle chopsticks?.

    PS: How are those Chinese Lessons coming?

  6. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Is it a coincidence that the State of California is shaped like a commode?