Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fixing Blame!

It's sickening!!!

After being criticised for not being tough with BP, President
Obama became a man with his "kick butt" remark.
Very Presidential! Especially in light of the fact
that he still hasn't met with the CEO of BP. His lame excuse
was that he knew that he would get all the stock answers, and that things
would still have to work themselves out. I guess this president
has an inside track on "stock answers"
because that is what he
has been giving the American public since day one!

I am going to join the frey now, with my assessment of where
the blame lies! For starters, Obama's administration was lax
from the very start of this catastrophe.
Governor Jindal has
shown more leadership than Obama has and has instilled some measure of
confidence in the people of Louisiana. The disgusting response
to the Governor's request to build temporary dikes
to protect
the delicate marsh areas is so typical of an administration that is
"bass-ackwards" in just about everything that they do.
In the
midst of an environmental disaster in the making, why in hell
would we need an environmental study before proceeding with the
Could any sane person believe that the dikes would be
more environmentally destructive than a billion gallons of crude oil?

This fixation with the environment, global warming, and cap and
is just more left wing hysteria, in order to help the
socialist democrats push through even more federal regulation and
economic strangulation policies.

Let's take the gloves off and put the blame for this
fiasco squarly where it belongs.
Accidents do happen,
but in shallower waters, closer to our shores, there have never been insurmountable problems. Drilling in waters that are over one
mile deep, is a relatively new that was
forced on BP and other oil companies,
because the environmentalists
and their lobbies are empty-headed nitwits!

They are now blaming BP for their own mistakes.
Compounding the problems, the "federal agencies" that were supposed
to be policing the equipment used for deep-water drilling, failed miserably
to do their job.
But, from the left, we hear that this is all
former President Bush's fault.
Do I need to remind anyone that President Obama has been in office for 18 Months now, and
"the buck stops there" Mr. Obama!!!!
You can't keep taking credit
as "The President" and then point fingers when you get the blame. You
have given new meaning to Hillary Clinton's jibe during the 2008 Presidential campaign
, "Who do you want answering that 3am phone call?"
In my mind, and in the mind of so many others..............there is no question now!

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