Thursday, June 03, 2010

Maybe It's Me!!!

I just don't get it!

Why did it take so long for this country to realize that the
illegal alien situation will only get worse, unless we adopt
some of Mexico's own rules.
Only now,
when the polls show that fully 58% of US citizens do
not think that a baby born to an illegal immigrant is entitled
to citizenship, has this subject taken center stage. This in
itself is probably one of the biggest loopholes in the immigration

Why should a baby, get immediate US citizenship,
when it is born to an illegal alien? This is not what our
founders intended nor foresaw.
The only reason that child
would be born here, is an illegal one to begin
with. Women who are ready to deliver, come over the border and
have the child, sometimes just hours after arriving here,
for one purpose, and one purpose only. That child becomes their
"anchor baby" them a "right" that they do not

Deliberately intending to acquire a right by illegal
, does not earn those parties those rights.....
regardless of how much the "bleeding heart liberals" want it to be so.

What we need now, is an ammendment to our Constitution that
specifically states that only children born to American
are entitled to become instant US citizens.
Enough of the shinanegans, pandering for votes and all the
other crap!
Forget all the protests by both the
illegals and their ACLU, and MOVE-ON cronies,
and stand
for what this country is really all about. We are a country of laws
.......our laws the people, of the
people and for the people.

Let's remind our politicians and particularly the Mexican government,
that we won the Mexican-American war, and will not permit
them to take America by fraud, because they couldn't take it
militarily!!! We will tolerate no Mexican flags at protests,
no burning of the American flag, and no more 'polital correctness'.
If you don't belong here legally, get the hell out!

It is time, and it is right.......... or this country
is doomed!

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