Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Mr. Obama do you regret calling for expanded drilling?

Thank you, Mr. President. I want to follow up on something -- exchange you had with Chip. Leaving aside the existing permits for drilling in the Gulf, before -- weeks before BP, you had called for expanded drilling.
Do you now regret that decision? And why did you do so knowing what you have described today about the sort of dysfunction in the MMS?—Jackie Calmes (source)
President Barry Hussein Soetoro isn’t attending press conferences these days. So when he did on May 27, 2010 the press had plenty of questions.

However the best question I think came from New York Times reporter Jackie Calmes. Calmes took note that in recent days, subsequent of the oil spill in the gulf of Mexico, the president excoriated the government agency MMS (The Minerals Management Services) and MMS’s relationship with Big Oil. But before that Calmes reminds the president that he called for expanded drilling in the gulf. So based on his knowledge that the government agencies involved in the oversight of oil rigs were so dysfunctional why then did he come out for expanded oil drilling March 30 2010?

As you will see the president did not answer Calmes’ question (see 2min video)

You see, the overall problem is Democrats and this president want to point fingers at either BP or the previous administration. Calmes brings attention to the fact that on March 30, 2010 President Soetoro called for increased drilling in the Gulf of Mexico not to mention that the Soetoro administration was in the process of awarding BP a safety award for drilling safely in the gulf, by the way, that award ceremony was cancelled by the Soetoro administrstion when the explosion and leak occurred in the gulf. But it must also be noted that the Soetoro administration did award that safety award to BP the year before. 

The President even touted the safety of oil rig drilling even in the middle of hurricane Katrina. (see 18sec. video)

The facts are the president continued the favorable treatment to the oil companies where oil companies received new drilling contracts months into president Soetoro's own administration.  In fact his administration awarded oiling contracts as late as May 2010 to Big Oil.   So for the president or Nancy Pelosi to attempt to finger point at the Bush administration is simply ludicrous! (see previous post)

Follow is a 9:57 min segment of the May 27th News Conference which shows the entire Jackie Calmes exchange. The exchange starts about 4 mins into the president’s remarks. (see 9:57 min video)

As you know president Soetoro appoint Ken Salazar Interior Secretary who appointed the recently fired Elizabeth Birnbaum as head of MMS. President Soetoro lauded Birnbaum earlier this year.

The question is Mr. President, You came out for off shore drilling, and you had your people in place in the government agencies that were charged to oversee these oil rigs. So if you are saying now that MMS was dysfunctional or in a cozy relationship with big oil then why didn’t you stop it? They were your people and questionable behavior between government and Big Oil continued to happen on your watch Mr. president.

Sorry Mr. President and Ms. Pelosi there is not a Republican in sight to blame for the worst ecological disaster in the history of America. Only Barry Hussein Soetoro and Democrats are to blame. And no matter how you spin it Ms. Pelosi George W. Bush is not to blame either! Sorry.

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