Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Using Civil Rights to commit Civil Wrongs

They gather on statehouse steps with signs and bullhorns, risking arrest. They attend workshops on civil disobedience and personal storytelling, and they hold sit-ins and walk out of class in protest. They're being warned that they could even lose their lives.—Russell Contreras
Anyone who lived through the late 50’s and the entire 1960s knows that the Civil Rights movement was a moral and righteous pursuit to get White America to live up to its highest ideas embodied in the American Revolution and Thomas Jefferson’s words written in the Declaration of Independence that, “All men are created equal.”

For roughly two hundred and fifty years,1619-1863, Africans who were brought to America unwillingly and forced to work as subhuman, property of slave master owners. Then approximately one hundred years, 1865-1965, after that Blacks were officially treated as an inferior Race by the government of the United States of America.

Fighting these injustices was the official work of the Civil Rights movement. These injustices where exclusive to Africans brought to the United States against their will and their posterity who were made to work as slaves for about two hundred and fifty years and treated as subhuman for another one hundred years of Jim Crow.

No other Race has this relationship with the United States of America, not Indians, not Chinese, not Mexican. No one.

Yet all peoples of the world have taken advantage of the suffering borne by Blacks in America. They have also benefited from the rights won by Blacks in the civil rights movement. Different Races of people in America and abroad, people of the world, have benefited from the elevated consciousness made possible by the struggle against the enslavement, mistreatment and discrimination of black people in America.
However, in the last 20 to 30 years the Civil Rights movement has been disgraced and cheapened by anti-American groups who study and exploit civil rights tactics in order to steal Rights from America, rights that they are not entitled.

[Mexican Nationals who are] Students [in America] fighting laws that target illegal immigrants are taking a page from the civil rights era, adopting tactics and gathering praise and momentum from the demonstrators who marched in the streets and sat at segregated lunch counters as they sought to turn the public tide against racial segregation.—Russell Contreras

Muslim terrorists, Mexican Nationals and Homosexuals have all exploited Civil Rights tactics to gain Rights, which they are not entitled.
Nothing better to illustrate my point than following article written by RUSSELL CONTRERAS, entitled “Student Immigrants Use Civil rights-era strategies” (see article) and(see below)

Student Immigrants Use Civil Rights

Sadly there are agents within our own government like Sens. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., and Richard Lugar, R-Ind., that are aiding and abetting the continual criminal enterprise of illegal entry into the United States and the ill gotten gains of such illegality by giving Mexican Nationals Rights that were heretofore reserved for citizens of the United States.

The movement has gained attention of Congress. Sens. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., and Richard Lugar, R-Ind., sent a letter to Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano in April, asking her to halt deportations of immigrant students who could earn legal status under DREAM, which stands for the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors act, and which they're sponsoring.

Last month, three illegal immigrant students demanding to meet with Arizona Sen. John McCain about DREAM were arrested and later detained for refusing to leave his Tucson office. High school and college students in Chicago and Denver walked out of class this year to protest Arizona's tough new law requiring immigrants to carry registration papers. In December, immigrant students staged a "Trail of Dreams" march from Miami's historic Freedom Tower to Washington, D.C., to raise support for DREAM.—Russell Contreras

By attaching themselves to the civil rights movement, groups from enemies of the United States who intends to destroy it, to the hordes of illegal Mexican Nationals who aim to exploit our economy and take American jobs while claiming some faux civil rights status.

Similar student immigrant groups have sprung up at the University of California at Los Angeles and the University of Houston.
By attaching themselves to the civil rights movement, Shabazz said, the immigrant students can claim the moral high ground and underdog status of the debate.—Russell Contreras

Americans have been so gullible to the ploys that our government has given Miranda rights to terrorists, Citizenship to anchor babies of Mexican Nationals and they have given Civil Rights to homosexuals who are not a racial group at all. Their only commonality is that they are confused by their sexuality. Assigning group status and civil rights to homosexuals is like assigning group status and civil rights to people who get confused by reading maps.

Not before the “homosexual movement” has civil rights been thought of as belonging to a behavior rather than based on Race. It is an absurdity, which has grown in favor with every propagandized generation.

What is also absurd is using Civil Rights to commit Civil Wrongs. But that is exactly what Mexican Nationals are doing when they use methods that Blacks who were Americans used to receive equal treatment, which was due them.

The difference is Mexicans and others who exploit civil rights in this country are asking for rights that are not due to them in this country. And that is just wrong!


  1. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Sadly, it is because our children are not learning U.S. History, that so many people can just 'go along with' the notion that the Civil Rights movement is for ANY group that they perceive to have been unjustly treated. Another sad commentary for what is going on in our country.

  2. We share much of the same beliefs as far as citizenship and Constitutionality, however the only bone I have to pick with you would be your wording on homosexuality. I am gay. Let's get that out of the way. Admittedly I chose this path... and while I don't think gay people or other various minority groups deserve or are entitled to special civil liberties, I do believe they should have the same rights as every other citizen under the Constitution. Everyone is entitled to their opinion (my mother certainly makes that very clear), but I think every person who is legally here in this country through natural citizenship or any other legal status, should have equal rights.

  3. Beas Knees,
    Thank you for your thoughtful commits. It's nice to communicate with people who have thought though the issues.

    I think we agree on a lot. For instance I too believe that citizens of the United States should have equal rights under our Constitution.

    Where I think we disagree is I don't see homosexuals as a minority group as those groups have been traditionally defined.

    Minority groups were originally defined by Race and Nationality only in the post civil rights era have homosexuals gained such a classification.

    Now to your points of equal or special treatment. Or special civil liberties.

    It is my thought that the homosexual movement is based on asking for special civil liberties.

    Here is my logic, if every man or woman were treated equally he or she would be treated the same.

    Homosexuals are asking for their different behaviors to be treated the same, unlike Blacks, Indians, Chinese who asked to be treated exactly the same as Whites,homosexuals are asking for special treatment, different treatment not the same treatment.

    Throughout human existence heterosexuals, male and female energies, have combined to create the whole.

    That opposite or hetero energy is in everything, night and day, positive and negative, ying and yang, and male and female.

    What the homosexuals movement wants is for a new concept to be accepted such as, ying and ying, day and day, negative and negative.

    But they want this new concept this, ying and ying to be treated equally to ying and yang and day and day to be treated like night and day.

    These energies are not the same. Negative and negative energy is different than positive and negative energy.

    Asking for homosexuality to be treated the same as heterosexuality is like attempting to treat the Sun like the Earth and therefore sending humans to colonize it.

    Because homosexuals are different, when homosexuals ask for same treatment they are in fact asking for their differences to treated the same as heterosexuality or they are asking for special civil liberties.

    Which is asking for special and different treatment in the name of civil rights, which is different from what blacks or minorities were attempting to accomplish. Those Racial minorities were striving for equal treatment the same. They wish to live the same act the same and be treated the same.

    Homosexual reject this they want their differences to be treated the same as heterosexuals.

    Yet, the last I looked nobody is colonizing the Sun. We can't treat the Sun the same as we treat the Earth because they are different.

    Homosexuals who wish to be married or who wish to change laws in order to have their different behaviors treated the same as heterosexuals are misusing civil rights concepts such as equal protection and equal rights when clearly they are not willing to, nor are they asking to be like 98 percent of the human population.

    My regards to you I hope you continue to visit from time to time.