Monday, July 26, 2010

Billions of dollars of support but where’s the Global warming?

Al Gore

Billions of dollars for Global warming by governments, foundations, multinational corporations, even Big Oil but where’s the warming?
Global warming has billions of dollars, governments, foundations, multinational corporations, movie stars and Big Oil all backing it. That it doesn’t have is the Global actually getting warmer.

Christopher Booker notes that these are desperate days for advocates of Catastrophic Global Warming. There is no worldwide GW weather Catastrophe, there is no worldwide warming. Furthermore, the science that global warming was built on has been proven massively fraudulent and based on bad information, and lies.

In addition, according to the Al Gore’s original GW claims which he started in 1990 with his slideshow presentations which, evolved into a 2006 Book and Movie, “AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, The Planetary Emergency of Global Warming and What We Can Do About It.” The United States is supposed to be submerged in Ocean water within five to six years of his claim. However, the EPA claims that sea levels will rise during the next century.

"The area where the World Trade Center Memorial is to be located would be under water" - Al Gore

The EPA estimates the sea levels to rise from 50 to 200 cm during the next century. Approximately 14,000 sq miles of the U.S. will be inundated. (see source)(see 1:04min video)

The die has been cast and although the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming is discredited and everyone who supports the theory of AGW has been exposed as frauds. There is so much deception, money, foreign and domestic government backing behind the implementation of a worldwide carbon cap and trade scheme that truth no longer matters only usurious profits for carbon traders, big oil companies and the carbon investors that embrace the Global warming scheme.


No doubt, you’ve heard of the University of East Anglia emails that were leaked last November suggesting some of the world's leading climate scientists engaged in professional misconduct. Well just recently, the East Anglia University commissioned their very own study and found themselves not guilty of any wrongdoing in the dubious undertaking that is dubbed Climategate. (see article)

Last week "The Independent Climate Change E-mails Review," commissioned and paid for by the University of East Anglia, exonerated the University of East Anglia. The review committee was chaired by Sir Muir Russell, former vice chancellor at the University of Glasgow.-- PATRICK J. MICHAELS

So now warming alarmists are once again up to their old three phase tactics:

• Attribute to global warming almost any unusual weather event anywhere in the world.
• Repeat incessantly that the official inquiries into the "Climategate" scandal have cleared the top IPCC scientists involved of any wrongdoing, and that their science has been "vindicated"
• Claim that leading skeptics only question warmist orthodoxy because they have been funded by "Big Oil" and the "fossil fuel industry"

They think, we of course, are too stupid to recognize that cap and trade is a global initiative to transfer U.S. tax payer moneys to fund an international government (one world government) as well as fund an international business scheme.

The pseudo science of Climate change is just the vehicle to get U.S. taxpayers to commit their moneys without a revolt against government and international business. If U.S. citizens can be duped into a supposed noble cause as, saving the planet it will be too late to change when they are finally made aware that their government officials in Congress sold them out to Carbon Traders and the United Nations.

[T]he big oil companies have long been putting their real money into projects dedicated to showing how they are in favor of a "low-carbon economy". In 2002, Exxon gave $100 million to Stanford University to fund research into energy sources needed to fight global warming. BP, which rebranded itself in 2004 as "Beyond Petroleum", gave $500 million to fund similar research.—Christopher Booker

To be sure, nothing is, as it seems the science of Global Warming does not match the empirical data and our government is no longer acting on behalf of the people of the United States.

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The Grantham Institute provides another example. It was set up at the LSE and Imperial College with £24 million from Jeremy Grantham, an investment fund billionaire, to advise governments and firms on how to promote and invest in ways to "fight climate change", now one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative businesses in the world.—Christopher Booker

Don’t be silly Climate Change is not some altruist movement to save the earth, Climate Change is going to be a multi-trillion dollar international business funded by taxpayer’s money.

Don’t believe me, look around if Carbon dioxide actually trapped heat in our atmosphere and that heat had nowhere to go causing the earth’s temperatures to increase then why are we experiencing global cooling?

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