Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Don’t Talk about it! Democrat November Deception

They are the masters of deception, political schemers. They are Machiavellian in word and deed. They are Democrats. And now that they must face the electorate this November to account for what they’ve done because they are in sole control of the Executive Branch, in majority control of the Legislative Branch and they benefit from a Left lending Judicial Branch. What is new is they have no Bush to hide behind, for the first time in years Democrats will give an account for their ideologies, their political philosophies and their deeds.

Yes, all unscrupulous things of Democrat past were hidden behind a wall of blame Bush until now. And now that there are no more plausible Bush excuses it is interesting to see Democrats flail about looking for a new Bush scapegoat and sometimes that scapegoat has been you and me, the American people.

So how will Democrats talk about their many questionable accomplishments over the last 18 months? There is the passage of Healthcare, There was the takeover of AIG, the bailout of Goldman Sachs and banks, there is the 863 billion dollar stimulus vote and there is the takeover of the auto industry. Will Democrats proudly tout all of their “accomplishments” to the American this fall? Or do they have another tactic in mind?

I have an idea, Democrats can always use the “Bush made us do it,” excuse. Oh wait a moment; they’re already using that excuse. William McGurn of the Opinion Journal discusses the Democrats' deception strategy for the 2010 fall elections. (see 4:51min video)

Shame, is that it? Democrats are not going to talk about all of the legislation that they’ve been a part of because they are ashamed of what they have done. Imagine that!

You mean, all of the spending, all of the partisan politicking and all of the forcing through their agenda, and Democrats are ashamed of it all.

They would rather not talk about it. Imagine that.

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  1. I doubt if the Dimocrits know what shame is.