Monday, August 30, 2010

The Honor of Becks Event overshadowed ugliness in the name of Civil Rights

Rev. Al Sharpton and Glenn Beck

Civil rights leaders, meanwhile, protested the event by holding a rally of their own. The Rev. Al Sharpton and others claim the timing and location of Beck's rally is a dishonor to King's
Glenn Beck with a million Americans gathered on Saturday in front of the Lincoln Monument to talk about love--love for America. Al Sharpton and hundreds gathered on Saturday at a High school to talk about hate--hate of Glenn Beck and by extension White people.

Not since the Tawana Brawley hoax has the Reverend Al Sharpen been more on the wrong side of an issue as he is now.

We are living in extraordinary times—times in which the lines between right and wrong are increasingly blurred.

Glenn Beck demonstrated on Saturday August 28, 2010 beyond all doubt that his vision of the event to call for the restoration of America’s honor was above the pettiness of his distracters. (see article)

Beck’s all-inclusive event, which featured Jews, American Indians, descendants of Nina, Pinta and the Santa Maria and the descendants of slaves, was a call to the principles that we haven’t heard since Alexis de Tocqueville looked for the source of America’s greatness in the eighteen hundreds.(see 1:19min video)

What Glenn Beck was able to accomplish was good for America and much needed for the spirit of America, especially when there are increasing attempts to divide American into little Balkanized enclaves of hyphenated-Americans and special interest causes. Beck featured the patriotic voice of former Alaskan Governor and Vice President candidate Sarah Palin plus the reconciling voice of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was represented in the person of Dr. Alveda King – the niece of the late Dr. King.

Yet, we are living in times when those who claim constitutional rights are actually working directly against the constitution in very subversive and destructive ways. This is a time when Civil Rights are be used to comment civil wrongs. This is a time when a true patriot like Glenn Beck can be demonized by subversives and anti-Americans who are trained in counter-messaging and chaos politics.

One million American citizens, who are not “activists,” heeded Mr. Beck call to come to the Capital Mall to sing songs, pray prayers and pay respect to America’s military.

After issuing various civil awards to citizen designees the keynote address was, given by Mr. Beck who called Americans to what constitutes as a spiritual and patriotic revival.

This event was free from partisanship, free from politics and free from controversy other than the controversy that detractors have attempted to heap on Mr. Beck and the event.

Mr. Beck’s event transcended race and was all-inclusive it centered on God and never mentioned the Sharpton event. On the other hand, the other gathering organized by Rev. Sharpton was exclusively a racial gathering, which was primarily an all black event which focus was utterly focused on race and hate. It was advertised as a counter demonstration to the Beck event.

It seems that like the N-word Sharpton is working hard to make Civil Rights off limits to White people.

I’m reminded of a remark that a former pastor would sometimes say after a sermon. He would exclaim, “Now nobody’s mad but the Devil.”

We will see in the coming days just who the rest of devils are as partisans in the media report. We'll see just how mad they were driven by Glenn Beck's talk about Christianity and honor to the million attendees in D.C. at the feet of Lincoln.

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