Friday, August 06, 2010

Post-Traumatic First African-American President Syndrome?

Unprecedented spending and debt, nonexistent shovel ready jobs, persistent high rates of unemployment, and setbacks on terrorism hardly qualify as achievements.--Mike Bates
Are you highly critical of the president? Do you find that you don’t thank him nearly enough? Are you not giving him the credit that he deserves? Well it just might be that you are suffering from, “POST-TRAUMATIC FIRST AFRICAN-AMERICAN PRESIDENT SYNDROME or PTFAAPS!”

That’s right America, like, who knew that there was such a thing? But apparently, there is, according to Progressives. One progressive in particular coined the term. Liberal commentator and MSNBC contributor Karen Hunter said she is the one who named the disorder.

Apparently, “post-traumatic first African-American president Syndrome” is the diagnosis if we Americans don’t give Barry Hussein Soetoro his props. Progressives are all in a tizzy because they think Soetoro is not getting the credit that they think that he deserves. (see article)

Is this really a problem? Well CBS Harry Smith seemed concerned he even asked Mr. Soetoro if he felt he’s getting the credit that he thinks he deserves. (see: 29sec video)

No, no, no Mr. Soetoro it’s not the economy or your radical progressive agenda, no sir you’re not getting the credit that you think you deserve because Americans are suffering from PTFAAPS, Karen Hunter explains. (see 2:19min video)

See we are all the victims of “post-traumatic first American-American president Syndrome. “ Whew! I’m glad someone cleared that up. I knew something was wrong but I didn’t think it was I, my neighbors or my fellow citizens. I thought it was the lousy way the president and his progressive administration is running the country into the ground.

Unprecedented spending and debt, nonexistent shovel ready jobs, persistent high rates of unemployment, and setbacks on terrorism hardly qualify as achievements.--Mike Bates

After all this administration is spending more money than Americans, who are yet unborn can repay. It getting so bad that Democrats will willingly repeal Roe vs. Wade because we need all the help we can get to pay back this massive debt that the Soetoro administration and Democrats are compiling against future generations of Americans.

Must I mention that it’s coming upon election season? And one strategy that Democrats are considering to help them win in November is keeping everything that they have done in the last 18 months on the down low?

So how will Democrats talk about their many questionable accomplishments over the last 18 months? There is the passage of Healthcare, There was the takeover of AIG, the bailout of Goldman Sachs and banks, there is the 863 billion dollar stimulus vote and there is the takeover of the auto industry. Will Democrats proudly tout all of their “accomplishments” to the American this fall? Or do they have another tactic in mind?—Alaphiah

So I ask you, how does one get the credit that one thinks one deserves Mr. Soetoro if everything that one has done has been against the will of the American people? The American people are so peeved at what your Party has done, forcing your progressive agenda on Americans, that your Party doesn’t even want to talk about what you’ve done in the last 18 months. Not to mention Mr. president that you said that you think you deserve and would give yourself an incomplete for the last 18 months. (Soetoro gives himself an incomplete)

Maybe Mr. president the American people are holding you to your campaign promises that you didn’t keep. (see 1:47min video)

Remember you promised Mr. president the most ethical, most open and transparent presidency in the history of the United States. You promised that every bill would be shown to the American people before you signed it into law. Instead, what we got were empty promises. You passed your health care bill before anyone read it, you and Congress included. In fact, Nancy Pelosi told us that the bill had to be passed before we could know what was in it, of course breaking your campaign promise again. (see :10sec video)

So Mr. president maybe you are getting the credit that you deserve. Mind you, it may not be the credit that you wish or you want, but it is the credit that you deserve.

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