Tuesday, September 07, 2010

France’s Ground Zero Mosque

The video I’m about to share is disturbing to say the least. France is home to the Eiffel tower. There are no twin towers in France that Islamic terrorists can crash two Boeing767’s into but they do have a ground zero Mosque.

How is that possible you ask? It’s possible because like America France has allowed Islam to manipulate its laws and turn those laws against it. France’s Liberal politically correct laws have aided in its own sacking. France portends what is due to occur in the United States because the exact same Liberal politically correct thinking has ensconced itself firmly in the seats of power in the United States of America.

France’s ground zero Mosque has no walls like America’s ground zero Mosque will, at least not yet. The only thing that is left is for the French to allow an actual Mosque where Muslims have illegally decided to gather to pray, right in the middle of the streets of France. (see 5min video)

Alarming? Why should it be, after all Muslims have a Constitutional right to establish Islamic rule in the United States similar the Islamic rule that they’ve already established in the streets of France.

The ground zero Mosque in New York is the gateway from which Islamists will launch their Islamification of the United States. France’s ground zero, Muslims showing their power by publicly broadcasting the Azan, the Muslim call to prayer, followed by their illegal prayer in the streets of France foreshadows what the ground zero Mosque represent for the United States.

Americans seem to be oblivious to the phased timed-release attack on America by Islam, first by air, second by Constitutional exploitation and third by Sharia Law. Islamification of America can only be successful if Americans purposely ignore the forewarning in the country and the streets of France.
Islam means submission that is exactly what France is doing. America next?

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