Wednesday, September 15, 2010

To be or not to be a Democrat that is the Question

[Democrat]Representative Mark Schauer of Michigan does not dwell on the legislation he has voted for during his first term in Congress, which includes the Democratic stimulus plan and health insurance overhaul…

Representative Glenn Nye of Virginia does not mention in his television advertisements that he is a Democrat. But he expresses a deep worry about the national debt…

[Democrat] Representative Suzanne M. Kosmas of Florida looks straight into the camera during her latest commercial and declares, “People in this district are mad, and I’m mad, too.”

The advertisements from these three vulnerable Democrats offer a window into the party’s strategy to try to keep control of the House in November
—Jeff Zeleny
They were so proud to be a part of the Progressive movement when they shoved comprehensive health care reform down the throats of Americans. It was as if a wooden tongue depressor was shoveled down way to deep. And with “Tiger Woods” fist pumps they celebrated the passage of the law, which forced Americans to say “ahhh,” a gag response to a foreign implement.

Are they proud now? Mmmm not so much.

They were flying high like twin tower bound Boeing 767’s when they passed the $787Billion dollar to $1 Trillion dollar stimulus package. Don’t forget that, Democrats passed the $26Billion dollars Jobs Stimulus package. The $700Billion dollar Bank bailouts were pasted and when they took over the Auto Industry

Are they proud now? Mmmm not so much.

According to New York Times, JEFF ZELENY Democrats are running away from their historic “accomplishments.” (see article)

Two years after arriving in Washington on a message of hope and change, Democratic candidates are NOT extolling their party’s accomplishments, but rather they are distancing themselves from their party’s agenda.—Jeff Zeleny

The conundrum in which Democrats find themselves is after they pursued the most radical Progressive Socialist agenda in the history of the United States of America, an agenda that was against the will of the majority of the America people, how are they reelected. In town hall meetings in the summer of 2009, the American people warned Democrats all across the country and told them in no uncertain terms not to pass health care legislation.

Instead they decided to follow their radical Partisan leadership, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and President Barry Hussein Soetoro—leadership that mistook their voter fraud and voter deception laden presidential win as a mandate to divest America of all of its traditional moorings by trekking out on a purely European like failed model of big government Socialism.

Insultingly, Democrats believe that all they have to do is lie to the America people. Democrats believe Americans to be so stupid, that in an election year a simple change of Democrat messaging as well as the pretence that it isn’t Democrats who are spending America into oblivion. And then “hocus pocus” certain Democrats can disassociate from the Democrat Brand. That, Democrats believe, will be enough to return Democrats to power to continue their Progressive Liberal Socialist remaking of America.

Democrat Representatives Mark Schauer, Glenn Nye and Suzanne M. Kosmas are examples of how Democrats in November of 2010 will transform themselves into anti-Democrat incumbents and run against their own party. Here’s a thought if the Democrat Party isn’t good enough for Democrats to claim while running for office in November 2010 then why would any American vote for a Democrat?

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