Friday, October 15, 2010

Frank distorts and blames in Debate

When the name Congressman Barney Frank is mentioned, he along with Sen. Christopher Dodd, other than destroying the International banking industry and driving the world economy off a cliff one thinks of the famous ending of Looney Tunes Cartoons, “Thaaaaaat’s all Folks!

Congressman Frank is one indistinguishable garbled run-on sentence of effrontery to human intelligence. In addition, he is the political shame of the state of Massachusetts. If he is not the shame of Massachusetts then Massachusetts joins the state of Maine, which is home to Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, as the political arm pits of the United States of America.

Put that together with Frank’s pre-pubescence tantrums, his schoolyard bullying argument tactics and his incoherence on any given subject one wonders should the state of Massachusetts be put in quarantine to protect the rest of the country from coming in contact with people of Massachusetts?

Congressman Frank and opponent Sean Bielat participated in a live fourth district Congressional debate on Massachusetts WRKO radio on October 11, 2010. Frank’s style is to claim that his opponent is misquoting him or has the facts wrong. Surprisingly Frank is always right and his opponent is always wrong.
The debate is in four parts but well worth seeing. Following the debate, I’ve included Barney Frank in action chairing a Congressional function where apparently only he knows the rules. But first about 23 minutes of the debate against Sean Bielat.

Part1 4:43mins

Part2 6:07mins

Part3 5:03mins

Part4 6:23mins

Now Frank in action as the Chairman in a Congressional hearing. This would be hysterical if this weren’t wasting taxpayer’s time and money making the institution of Congress a laughingstock in the process. (see 4:08min video)

The problem with Frank is he is a bombastic blowhard that refuses to allow anyone else to get a word in edgewise. In the following example, Frank should be remorseful for his part in the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac scandal. But in this interview with Bill O’Reilly Frank comes out with both guns blazing refusing to acquiesce on the smallest of points or acknowledge that he was complicit in the scandal or even minimally responsible. (see 6:37min video)

Frank not only disrespects his colleagues in Congress and disrespects television host, No he also disrespects his constituents. For instance at the Dartmouth Massachusetts Town Hall meeting the summer before Obama care was pasted Congressman Frank’s constituents were given the same treatment that he gives his fellow Congressmen and Cable Television hosts. Apparently Frank’s message is don’t mess with Barney Frank or he’ll cut you up in little insignificant pieces and throw you out with the trash. (see 2:08mins video)

The question that goes begging is what’s wrong with Massachusetts that they keep returning this buffoonish imbecile to Congress? Or is Congressman Frank truly a representative of people Massachusetts?

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