Monday, October 11, 2010

Global Warming Advocates reduced to blowing up kids

Al Gore has failed them, the United Nations has failed them, President Barry Hussein Soetoro has failed them and the U.S. Congress has failed them so the advocates of Anthropogenic Global Warming have turned to satire. You know like Steven Colbert testifying before Congress, satire. Or like Jon Stewart’s upcoming October 30th Restoring Sanity Rally schedule for Washington D.C., satire. Or like Al Franken being the Senator of Minnesota, satire!

It’s all satire right? It seems that the more Democrats govern the country into a financial chasm the more that they turn to comedy, slapstick and satire. Democrats’ appearances on SNL, David Letterman and the Daily Show to reach out to their comedy loving voting constituents makes it seem that Democrats are masking all of their political failures by mirth.

As I learned some time ago from an old saw, “Many a truth is often said in jest.” Just because Democrats “say it with comedy” doesn’t mean that they don’t mean every word of it. For instance take the following commercial that Global Warming activist group 10:10 made demonstrating that if anyone doesn’t believe in global warming (children included) that person or those people should be blown up. (see 6:20 min video)

Here’s a scary thought put to satire, what if in the Orwellian world to come Green terrorist Nazis like Green Peace controlled our government and became ecology or eco-enforcement officers? The Audi car corporation thought they would give us a picture of what that might look like. Oh yes and they are attempting to sell their cars. Wonder whom they’re trying to appeal to with this ad. (see 1:02 min video)

We’re supposed to be amused by a schoolteacher that blew up kids who disagreed with the theory of Anthropogenic global warming? In addition, we’re supposed to think it funny that green police can arrest citizens for failing to recycle or arrest citizens for violating draconian Fascist green laws.

Just think, we’re supposed to find it quaint and quite humorous that in a world controlled by Green Eco-Terrorist Nazis they would kill their ideological opponents in the name of Global warming.

In reality, what’s funny about Global warming is that anyone believed anything that Al Gore said about the subject. Moreover, to think that the once untouchable total consensus theory of Global warming is reduced to “comedy” is poignantly tragic. The thought of that is absolutely hilarious.

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