Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ich bin nicht ein Demokrat

Many Democrats are now boasting about how often they vote with the Republicans. When his Republican challenger said that Mr. Taylor “chooses Nancy Pelosi over Mississippi,” Mr. Taylor issued a statement saying that of the 1,466 votes he had cast since January 2009, “Nancy Pelosi agreed with my vote 34 times,” or 2 percent of the time. -- KATHARINE Q. SEELYE
As reported by Fox News, the Hill and the New York Times desperate endangered House Democrats think they may have found a way to escape voters' wrath in next month's midterm elections: run against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and run like they are not Democrats.

What’s with all the hate toward Nancy Pelosi? What’s with all of the hate towards Democrats’ legislative record? Democrat haters are attempting to win re-election by renouncing both the most powerful woman in politics and by renouncing what they’ve “accomplished” under the Barry Hussein Soetoro administration. (see article)

It seems that Democrats think they’re too sexy for their Party, too sexy for their leadership, too sexy to be associated with their president, too sexy! (see article)

As if embattled Congressional Democrats did not have enough on their hands, some are opening up a new front in their fight to save their seats — against Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House and a leader of their own party.
Representative Jim Marshall, a Democrat here in central Georgia, spent much of a debate on Thursday night renouncing Ms. Pelosi, whose liberal views and San Francisco district have always been anathema to this region. (see story)

In fact, some Democrats like West Virginia’s Joe Manchin are campaigning like they have no party affiliation whatsoever by attacking everything Democrats accomplished in the last twenty months. (see 31sec video)

So let me get this straight, we’re supposed to listen to president Soetoro’s pathetic campaign pleas to keep Democrats in office when Democrats who are running for reelection are disavowing everything they’ve done under the leadership of Pelosi, Reid and Soetoro?

In order to win re-elect Democrats feel they must either claim they are not really Democrats or they hate Pelosi, Reid and Soetoro. Ich bin nicht ein Demokrat! Either are we Democrats, either are we.

So much for keeping hope and change alive!

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