Monday, October 25, 2010

Kyoto like Global Warming proven to be a Fraud

[A] couple of recent studies now seem to show that Kyoto was as big a fraud as the most militant enviro-skeptics ever suspected. And it looks as if the 95 American senators were 100 percent right: the much heralded Protocol was a singularly stupid piece of counterproductive social engineering that encouraged the migration of good jobs to China and other low wage countries — without helping the environment at all. -- Walter Russell Mead
The EU is outsourcing its carbon emissions in order to claim that it has reduced its carbon emissions. So in essence EU states that it has progressed in meeting Kyoto protocol targets, yet those claims are offset by emissions from EU goods produced abroad where they have outsourced EU jobs to foreign countries where carbon emissions have increase by 40% (see storyand here)

Now if the goal was to reduce carbon emissions, but the EU only transferred carbon emissions from their countries to other countries no matter where the carbon emanates from aren’t we still affected by carbon emission whether they’re emitted from the EU, the United States, India or China?

Europe has cut emissions but has exported its global warming pollution.

The answer is yes. Under the Kyoto agreement, the EU is allowed to claim reduction in green house gases if they are not emitted from their countries but are responsible for emission of green house gases that occur in other countries because they’ve shipped jobs and industry out of their country in order to comply with the Kyoto agreement. It’s all a fraud, no actual reduction in carbon emissions only emitting green house gases by proxy. But it’s all the same planet. (see 1:44min video)

Thank God the United States didn’t vote to participant in this fraud.

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