Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hawaii's Gov. Abercrombie new pointman for Obama's Eligibility Fraud

"Maybe I'm the only one in the country that could look you right in the eye right now and tell you, 'I was here when that baby was born.'" —Hawaii Democratic Gov. Neil Abercrombie
Apparently, polls indicate that Barry Hussein Soetoro is in trouble. Enough Americans doubt his eligibility to be president that he and people on his behalf are mounting a full frontal assault against people seeking the truth about his legitimacy. This effort is a blatant and calculated attempt to protect the one Achilles heel of Soetoro’s presidency, whether he is Constitutional ineligible to hold the office in which he sits.

Soetoro needs not only change public opinion but he needs to discredit any persons who would dare raise questions concerning his eligibility. These efforts are essential to prevent the possibility of Soetoro having to provide evidence of his eligibility before the 2012 elections.

Why else would the recent elected Democrat governor of Hawaii in his own words, be the only one in the entire country that can say he was in Hawaii when, “that baby was born.” Gov. Abercrombie's statement apparently referring to the president who has hidden all of his vital records from the American people since, during and before he received the Democrat nomination to be their candidate for the presidency.

Abercrombie’s claim that he will “show proof” (independent of the president) of Soetoro’s birth is an old Socialist-Communist counter-intelligence ploy of attempting to discredit and shame people away from the truth. This new attempt is to further establish the lie that Soetoro is eligible to be president while giving the president plausible deniability that he activity participated in lying about his ineligibility.

All of the demonizing of Americans from the Left, all of the media conspiracy and cover up has been to obscure the truth, not to uncover the truth, regarding the greatest fraud perpetrated on the United States in America since its inception
Following is Attorney Phillip Berg, Democrat partisan who was the first to publicly raise questions concerning Barry Hussein Soetoro’s eligibility. (see 5:07min video)

The president’s refusal to show any of his vital records, any of his school records or any of his legislative history while he was a state representative in Chicago enabled Soetoro’s Manchurian candidacy to usurp the presidency. Now that many more of American people are aware that Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat National Committee did not properly vet his man and they are demanding to see those hidden records.

The only reason that Democrats are themselves raising this issue is Democrats believe they can attack the America people who are questioning the lack of bona fide proof that Barry Hussein Obama is eligible to be President of the United States of America. (see here and here)

However, the only person responsible for the doubt about Barry Hussein Soetoro’s eligibility is Barry Hussein Soetoro! Before president Soetoro received the nomination to be the Democrat candidate for president the challenge to his eligibility came up within his own Party by attorney and Democrat Partisan Phillip Berg instead of Soetoro releasing his original birth certificate then, as candidate John McCain did, Soetoro fought against showing his records to the extent of over a million dollars of attorney fees to protect his secrets.

Gov. Abercrombie efforts in no way should be construed that he is attempting to divulge the truth concerning Soetoro’s eligibility, he is not. To the contrary, if president Soetoro is exposed the complete Left wing Progressive Liberal Democrat agenda is revealed as fraudulent. So whatever Abercrombie is doing it is not to reveal the truth.

Likewise, the Governor’s careful distancing himself from the president is very revealing. It shows that the Soetoro administration wants the benefit of saying the president is eligible without actually being required to show actual proof. The president could have ended this controversy long ago by being the most transparent president in the history of the United States instead he chose not to reveal his vital records thus placing a cloud of suspicion over his own presidency.

Of course, had he been transparent he would have revealed himself, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, Charles Schumer and Democrats as the most corrupted traitorous politicians of all time.


  1. "Maybe I'm the only one in the country that could look you right in the eye right now and tell you, 'I was here when that baby was born.'" —Hawaii Democratic Gov. Neil Abercrombie

    What a crock, Mr 'Crombie! If you were THERE where are the baby pics, or pics of ANYTHING with your best friends Stanley & Obama Senior. Show us just one photo or just one 1961 piece of paper proving that you and the alien Obama family were known to you.

    Lots of lies...but no proof. YOU have nothing to back up your wild tales!

  2. And secondly, Mr. 'Crombie, if you don't understand, let me explain what a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN IS... The opposite of NATURAL is ALIEN. If there is any part of a person's birth, that is ALIEN... then it is not NATURAL!

    Soetoro's father was an ALIEN. He was a foreign national (alien) from Britain, and then Kenya. Hence, Soetoro Jr. (aka BHO) is part alien... hence NOT NATURAL BORN, hence NOT QUALIFIED TO BE PRESIDENT -- AND NOT QUALIFIED TO BE COMMANDER IN CHIEF!

    There, did I yell loud enough?

    Alaphiah - - Good post!

  3. Alaphiah,
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  4. Thanks Defenders Good comments and I'll check the posting problem.

  5. Your post fired me up so much, I did some research...Here is what I found:

    NEW Baby Pictures Prove SOETORO
    (aka BHO) born in Hawaii!

  6. Abercrombie, you're a liar, and here's ther documented proof:

  7. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Birthers are so entertaining.