Friday, December 03, 2010

Nancy Pelosi: Unemployment is Good for America

In perhaps one of her better Orwellian phrasings Nancy Pelosi insults reason and intelligence with her speech to justify the House passing the longest unemployment extension in U.S. History. According to Pelosi, "Unemployment creates Jobs" like War is Peace.

Orwellian language or Newspeak, as it is formally referred to, is language that says the opposite of what it means by misnomer. So here is my own offering of an Orwellian phrase for the infamous speaker of the house, Democrats are Americans. (see 1:31min video)

What does it do to create jobs? What does it do to reduce the deficit? Unemployment insurance, the economists tell us, return $2 for every $1 that is put out there for unemployment insurance. People need the money they spend it immediately, for necessities. It injects demand into the economy; it creates jobs to help reduce the deficit.

Giving 700 billion dollars to the wealthiest people in America, does add 700 billion dollars to the deficit. And the record in history shows it does not create jobs, it does not create jobs.

I mention this because this is the context in which we bring up this tax cut for middle-income families in America today. And while some on the other side say, ‘This is not going to make a difference.’ It indeed makes a difference.
Let me say unequivocally, there will be no tax bill for any situation unless there is a tax cut for middle class people in our country. That is what this vote is about today. That is our declaration. That is what we send to the table for the discussion that the president so rightfully called for.—Nancy Pelosi

Make no mistake this is not the first time Pelosi characterized paying unemployment benefits as a positive for America. No this is a permanent mischaracterization in the Pelosi arsenal. (see 1:10min video)

Gee and I thought that jobs were created by entrepreneurs who take risks to create goods or services. Those entrepreneurs create new businesses some of those small businesses growing into big enterprises all the while the government does as little as possible to interfere with this process.

However government should do everything to prevent businesses, once successful, from turning against the country, which made its success possible. These traitorous companies are presently identified by the outsourcing of jobs to the enemies of America for profit.

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