Thursday, December 09, 2010

Nancy Pelosi’s Lame Duck House Passed Dream Act 216 to 198

In an act equivalent of spraying graffiti on the walls of Congress before they remove all of the “R’s” from Congressional computer keyboards, 216 disgruntle Democrat traitors to America of the House of Representatives passed the Dream Act before they leave.

This legislation if passed by the Senate and sign into law by president Barry Hussein Soetoro would give illegal aliens the right to go to college in this country with a path to U.S. citizenship.

Like the health care law, which this out of touch group passed, this bill is also against the will of the America people.

2012 Democrats will suffer for the sins of their lame duck brethren. No matter the Orwellian spin put on this egregious pandering bill the American people are able to see through Democrat nonsensical prattle.

Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colorado) says the DREAM Act "means everything to hundreds of thousands of de-facto Americans. What does treason sound like? Listen to Democrat Representative and co-conspirator Jared Polis offer Orwellian justification for passage of the Dream Act, which would give illegal aliens the right to go to college in this country with a path to U.S. citizenship. Later that evening Nancy Pelosi led her lame duck Democrat House in passage of the bill in a 216 to 198 vote. (see 1:45min video)

Mr. Speaker the Dream Act is one of the most important piece of legislation I’ve discussed on the floor of the house. It means everything to hundreds of thousands of defacto Americans. To them and to all of us it is supremely important and supremely urgent. We have a choice between forcing a brain drain from our country or retaining the best and brightest to contribute to our country and make it stronger and more prosperous.

The young people covered under this bill are the children any parent would be proud of. Our sons and daughters our neighbors, our classmates, prom kings and queens, football players and cheerleaders who stay in school played by the rules graduated worked hard stayed out of trouble.

They’re the children of our great nation. And we too should be proud, not proud of the broken and dysfunctional immigration system and lack of enforcement that put them in this situation. Not proud of their parent’s violation of our immigration laws no matter how out of touch with reality those laws maybe. Not proud of the indignities discrimination and fear that these young people have faced at every turn. But proud of how these young Americans have overcome adversity and demonstrated American exceptionalism.

Their pluck ingenuity ambition drive and creativity in pursuit of as our Declaration of Independence puts it life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These dreamers embody the very best among our American values and we should be proud to call them countrymen.

This is a great nation and we will be greater still, stronger still, more prosper still with the full participation of those young men and women, each with opportunity to go as far in life as their ambition and their ability takes them. -- Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colorado)

De-facto Americans imagine that another class of special interest Americans. They apparently don’t have to get in the back of the bus behind the other hyphenated Americans they ride the freedom bus straight to college. Halleluiah and Amen!

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  1. Anonymous7:51 PM

    The new republican congress will have immense opposition - but this won't prevent people from pressing for answers - we must talk to our reps. about the insults to America's integrity, honor, and respect.
    Nearly all we have is our vote, and it's imperative to vote the corrupt out - it's very easy to know who the good reps are - we wouldn't allow anyone but the federal government to treat us, and our family with such disrespect.