Monday, December 27, 2010

Obama’s Empty Rhetoric for a Grieving American Family

Look there are more agents, more technology at the border than ever before and more is on its way. —DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano
Earlier this year the Barry Hussein Soetoro administration ordered additional manpower to the American-Mexico borders. An effort clearly meant to deflect any criticism from the American people who question the president’s and his administration’s lack of efforts to protect America’s borders.

Murdered border patrol agent Brian Terry's family heard the words of Napolitano at their fallen family member’s funeral as well as the message that Napolitano brought from the president, yet they were uncomforted by the political rhetoric that is constantly spewed from this administration. (see 4:09min video)

At every occasion, even the needless death of an American who was murdered due to the failed policies of the Soetoro administration, this government continues it’s deception. Sure, they’ve assigned more agents to the borders so they can say that they have more agents and more technology and that this president as done more than any other president but it is only a dog and pony show.

None of Soetoro’s efforts were meant to enforce the border. Soetoro’s efforts are all an illusion a political talking point to use against political opponents. They are but empty words-words that found themselves at the funeral of a dead American who give his life for what America used to be.

Brian Terry lived as an America that honored the constitution, its borders and the American people. Nevertheless, he died an American who honored his country but whose country, under this administration, that is dishonoring the things for which Terry died.

Napolitano‘s empty words made the death of agent Brian Terry vain according to agent Terry’s family. More Americans are being to realize that the Soetoro administration makes living as an American equally as vain.

Under this the regime of most anti-American administration in the history of America living or dying has became meaningless for citizens and patriots.

This is why in 2012 we must rid the government of Progressives, Liberals and RINO’s and begin anew. We must do this so that Brian Terry’s death or Americans who are now living or Americans who have gone before us, who lived and died for the American dream, their lives, and our lives, will not forever be in vain.

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