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Sen. Coburn to Debt Commission, “History says we’re not going to make it”

"We have way too much government and not enough of what made America great[…]The way forward for America is for everybody to start sacrificing so we create a future that is honoring the tremendous sacrifice that came before us…"-Sen. Tom Coburn
Sen. Tom Coburn’s (R-Oklahoma) impactful statement before the Debt commission last week was a call to austerity for the American people. At best, it was a partial diagnosis of what ails America. (see 8:42min video)

Just what are the factors destroying America Sen. Coburn?

Yes, too much government is a part of the problem Sen. Coburn. However Senator you did not address the willful acts and disloyalty of both Congress and Big business in this country. Both of these entities over several decades have outsourced the manufacturing base or infrastructure of millions of American jobs to China and India to enrich both Congressional members, both Democrat and Republican, and Corporations at the expense of the American worker.

The act of outsourcing American middleclass Jobs is the primary down fall of this country Senator. Who is talking about that? Allowing foreign competitors to gain an unfair advantage in our markets, something that foreigners would never do, is what killed our auto industry but who’s talking about that Senator?

So while you call the American people to a new age of austerity let it also be known that internationalist and globalist who were formerly American corporations, plus greedy U.S. politicians are the cause for America’s unemployment woes.

Politicians there sitting at the table with you, have caused the wanton destruction of the most uniquely singular construct for human freedom in the history of the world, the American free enterprise system. Once protected by the American government. But no more. All that is left of a robust American economy is the plaintive cry of a lone politician who believes American austerity is the new “pink.”

To paraphrase an ancient source, “What does it profit men to gain the whole world and lose the truest source of freedom for mankind?” The truest source of freedom for humanity is what America once represented, that has been frittered away by corporate greed and power. Greed and power, which manipulates Congress, and thereby controls the United States of America. Let me be perfectly clear, corporate power enslaves America through America’s Congress.

Therefore, these corporate internationalists or globalists have made what was once the most powerful political and economic government in the world an anemic 99week unemployed weakling that is begging for the pudding of more Christmas unemployment compensation, please! More important, these Corporations and their foul political henchmen are in route to dominate and control the world. Bill Clinton warned of this in 2002 when he said:

[T]his "brief moment in history" when the US had pre-eminent military, economic and political power, would not last.
"This is just a period, a few decades this will last, and I think that all of us who are Americans should think about this and ask ourselves how do we wish this moment to be judged 50 years from now," –Former President Bill Clinton (see story)

It is hard for me to suggest this, nevertheless there is no salvation for America. Internationalists and Globalists have gone beyond the nation-state model and are beginning the world model that we have all been hearing about but discounted as crazed conspiracy talk.

Even so, just look around you. Are you not seeing more and more talk of Global governance and International agreements? What do you think the International meeting held in Cancun Mexico last week discussing the Kyoto treaty and the international funding of politics and the funding Global warming causes are regarding?

I hate to destroy your delusion but Global Warming Climate change and going Green isn’t about saving the planet. These causes are about a new international or global revenue stream independent of people taxed to create it.

However, what made America great Sen. Coburn was national pride, national sovereignty and national self-reliance. I do believe some call those ideas antiquated or by the pejorative, “protectionism” yet they were the ideas that once made this country great. And they are the only ideas that will return this country to its former greatness.

Sen. Coburn let us hear you reprimand disloyal Corporations that gutted the American economy of jobs for decades thus transferring the wealth of this country over to our enemies and to those who hate America. Let us hear you name them and their counterparts in the Congress.

Sen. Coburn let us hear you propose laws that will punish corporations that benefited from the security and resources of America while growing into some of the most powerful businesses the world has ever seen. These companies have now abandoned America by not paying their fair share of taxes because of tax loophole that you in Congress have provided. These companies are now enslaving low waged workers around the world with subpar payment for labor, which perpetuates the cycle of “rich getting richer and poor getting poorer.”

Yes austerity has already come to America Sen. Coburn but let’s be frank, this coming American poverty is not the American people’s fault, neither was it done by happenchance, no this transfer of wealth from the American economy was and is by design.

President Clinton knew it, President Bush knew it and President Barry Hussein Soetoro now presides over it, relishes in it and reminds us of it daily.

Whether Americans realized it, this is the fundamental reason Democrats were kicked out of Congress in November of 2010. Maybe we didn't know exactly what was behind the economic down turn, we did have a right sense that this could not have happened without the implicit consent of our politicians.

Because Democrats are in control of Congress and were in control since 2006, and because Democrats are more closely aligned with Socialism and Government controls that enabled the utter dissemination of the U.S. economy, the American people realized Democrats were at fault.

And even though Americans sent distinctive messages that, we know Democrats are at fault. Democrats brazenly reelected Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi two of the prime causes for our country’s problems back into leadership. Therefore, the American people have no alternative; we must further purge our government of Democrats and RINOs in 2012.

If we are going to return America to the nation of Exceptionalism, that Barry Hussein Soetoro has vowed to fundamentally change we must treat the root cause of this nation’s overspending, the cause for special interest groups revolting in the streets of this nation, the cause for government lawlessness, i. e. not enforcing border law, not enforcing voter laws, not enforcing DOMA law, etc, etc, etc. Democrats are the cause for America turning into a third world ghetto debtor’s nation.

To the extent that any Republicans are at fault, and they are not already clearly identified as RINOs, we will deal with them in 2014.

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  1. Because Democrats are in control of Congress and were in control since 2006, and because Democrats are more closely aligned with Socialism and Government controls that enabled the utter dissemination of the U.S. economy, the American people realized Democrats were at fault.