Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Yes, Chuck Todd First Impressions should be about Fights of the Past

"Do Republicans want the first impression they give this month, be about the fights of the past?" —Chuck Todd, NBC News
Allow me answer that question Mr. Todd, absolutely yes! Yes, Republicans want the first, middle and last impressions they give to be about fights of the past, Fights of the past are exactly why Republicans were given the House of Representative from the American people.

The American people sent Republicans to Washington D.C. to fight against Obamacare, to fight against Nancy Pelosi and to fight against the radical Progressive Liberal agenda that Democrats spent the first two years of the Barry Hussein Soetoro administration implementing against the American people. (see 45sec video)

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Liberals would love nothing better than for Republicans to ignore the mandate given to them by the American people by allowing what the Radical left, aided by president Soetoro, has done to stand.

This concocted, don’t look back only look forward, nonsense of Chuck Todd fools no one. If he and Progressives where worried about the American Middle they would not have spent their first two years alienating the Middle and driving them to the Right.

Sorry Mr. Todd the Middle along with the Right agrees with the 112th Congress they want this Congress to look back by repealing what the 111th Congress did to the American people when they forced Obamacare upon us. In addition, we want the new Congress to fight against the 11th hour legislation that Democrats forced through Congress which the president signed into law during the Christmas and New Year season.

In addition, yes we want this Congress to work on cutting spending by defunding all laws that promote the hard Left’s Liberal agenda that the 111th Congress obligated the American people to in the last two years. In addition to that, we want this Congress to restrain all further spending and Liberal Social changes until we rid America of more Democrats in 2012 and the Imposter in the White House or until he proves that he is eligible to serve as president.

So, Mr. Todd if the 112th Congress shows the American people that they are willing to fight for the past present and future of America that is exactly why the American people, including the political Middle, hired them.

So don’t worry fighting is exactly what we want them to do.

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