Friday, February 04, 2011

Does the Obama administration incite hate against Conservative Judges?

Earlier today, Judge Roger Vinson ruled that the health reform legislation passed last year is unconstitutional. Not surprisingly this evoked a harsh reaction from the administration—David Whelan
I don’t like the fact that under the present president the third Branch of our government has became increasingly polarized and increasingly politicized. Justice is supposed to be blind and there is supposed to be the rule of law in this country.

But no more. Not since the Obama justice department dismissed a case where clear violations of voter intimidation was won by U.S. Attorneys yet the case was dropped before judgment why, because the defendants who were the intimidators where Black and the voters being intimidated were White.

Dismissing the case against the New Black Panthers is a clear indication that under the Obama administration, justice is no longer blind and the rule of law no longer applies in America.

Then there was last year’s State of the Union Address the president attacked the Supreme Court as Democrats applauded and jeered the Supremes (see :27sec video)

Incredible! What kind of country is this if our most important issues are decided by numbers and partisan appointment rather than by the Constitution? What do I mean by that?

Well if you want a favorable ruling on homosexuality, you try your case before a homosexual judge in San Francisco. You want favorable rulings on the constitutionality of Obamacare you get two Progressive Liberal appointed judges, one in Virginia and the other in Michigan, to rule that your law is constitutional.

If a judge rules against your health care law or if a judge rules against your immigration, policy he or she is deemed your enemy. Therefore, you and your media cohorts do everything you can to call in to question that judge’s appointment, motives and politics. (see here and here)

Under the presidency of Barry Hussein Soetoro America has become a nation of partisans and lawbreakers in the highest echelons of our government. No longer is our country defined by the constitution. instead, there are Progressive Liberals in office who are attempting to rewrite the constitution by Court order, by bureaucratic policy implementation or by an imperial presidency.

We now live in a country in which the law is decided by whether a judge is Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative. And if that law is appealed to the Supreme Court for ruling on its constitutionality, the result is determined by numbers like a 5 to 4 split. Cases are now decided by each judge’s personal political view rather than what the constitution means and whether the meaning and intent of the Constitution is violated.

Ironically just weeks after the president’s call for national civility in our political discourse, a call spurred on by the failed assassination attempt on U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford. The murder of a Federal judge and the wounding of 12 people in which six people were murdered, it is against this backdrop that the Soetoro administration issued a political attack against Judge Roger Vinson in the Northern District of Florida.

Judge Vinson ruled that Obamacare, which forces American citizens to buy health care, is unconstitutional. And in response, the Soetoro administration in a show of blatant contempt against the court’s ruling began to incite hatred against the court by falsely labeling the court’s ruling an act of judicial overreaching and activism. (see article)

This nation has had a Congressman shot in the head and a Federal Judge murdered. In response to those horrific events, the President called for civility. I find in unconscionable that this president’s administration would disregard its own call for a civil discourse and put another Federal Judge at risk by calling the judge a wild out of the mainstream activist.

Today, a judge in Florida issued a decision in a case filed by 25 Republican Attorneys General and Governors striking down the Affordable Care Act. This ruling is well out of the mainstream of judicial opinion. Twelve federal judges have already dismissed challenges to the constitutionality of the health reform law, and two judges – in the Eastern District of Michigan and Western District of Virginia – have upheld the law.

In one other case, a federal judge in the Eastern District of Virginia issued a very narrow ruling on the constitutionality of the health reform law’s “individual responsibility” provision and upheld the rest of the law. --Stephanie Cutter (source)

Who knows if there are another wide-eyed Progressive Liberal out there like Jared Lee Loughner who would be angered by the White house characterization of Judge Vince and his ruling? The Soetoro administration is clearly attempting to incite hatred against Judge Vince. In the name of Gabrielle Gifford and all who were wounded and murdered in Arizona, Democrats must stop this politics of personal destruction. Democrats must cease fomenting hate against Conservatives and Republicans.

Does the Soetoro administration foment hate against Conservative judges? In a word, YES!

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