Monday, February 28, 2011

Lawrence O’Donnell is Dan Rather

Governor, I want you to listen to that last line of that Republican attack ad against President Obama one more time.

The Republican Party is saying that the President of the United States has bosses that the union bosses this President around, the unions boss him around. Does that sound to you like they are trying to consciously or subconsciously deliver the racist message that, of course, of course a black man can't be the real boss?
-- Lawrence O’Donnell
I think it fair to say that most Liberals consider themselves smarter than they consider Conservatives. Throughout our national dialogue in whichever venue if there is a Liberal versus a Conservative the Liberal will attempt to take the high ground by suggesting that his or her case is based on reason, science or the general good and wellbeing of all existence.

All the while, the Liberal will assume the Conservative’s position is based on ignorance, hate and a general superiority complex with bigoted or xenophobic tendencies. Interestingly, it is the Left that often uses this type of stereotyping against the Right. However, it is also true that this type of stereotyping is a key element of the Left's agenda.

Case in point MSNBC’s host Lawrence O’Donnell on his show, The Last Word (Even the show’s name is indicative of Liberal arrogance and superiority)demonstrates the comprehension of an I.Q. of 55 while attempting to make the case that the Republican Party is racist. (see story)

Wow, I hadn't thought about the racial overtones—Former Gov. Jennifer Granholm

O’Donnell attempted to drag former Governor Jennifer Granholm (D-MI) into a race baiting assault against Republicans based on a political commercial that the RNC ran in which the RNC tied the president directly to the Union unrest seen throughout the country. Notice how Gov. Granholm was completely taken aback at O’Donnell's suggestion of racism. Ironically, there was no racism nor was there any hint of racism in the ad that O’Donnell used to base his claim of Republican racism.

The only racism evident was O’Donnell’s own for seeing racism where there was none. Former Gov. Granholm stepped back from O’Donnell’s idiotic claim of Republican racism exclaiming that she had not entertained such a foolish thought until O’Donnell forced it upon her. (see 1:52min video)

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What is true is O’Donnell took a statement, which he perceived to be racist totally out of context. Because he did that, it allowed his already dubious thinking to project into the ad meaning that is clearly his own heartfelt interpretation. Had O’Donnell done a few seconds more investigative work by viewing the 31-second ad in its full context he could have come to a better understanding of what the ad really said rather than make up his own convoluted meaning.

Families are struggling, state budgets have run dry and the Federal debt is skyrocketing. But Obama and the Union Bosses are standing in the way of economic reform. Intimidating taxpayers, leaving classrooms empty they made this mess let’s clean it up. Stop Obama and his Union Bosses today!—The RNC

The ad clearly did not childishly accuse the president of being subservient to the Union Bosses. The ad’s meaning was the president is working in concert with Union Bosses. As shown by the first reference to president Soetoro and the Union Bosses, “Obama and the Union Bosses” (see :31sec video)

This pattern of misinterpretation and misrepresentation seems to be a staple of Lawrence O’Donnell , President Barry Hussein Soetoro and the Left wing.
Since the Left’s ascension to power in the United States, the world has been in economic , social and political freefall. Our descent into utter world chaos is a direct product of thinking like Lawrence O’Donnell’s thinking.

O’Donnell see racism when there is none as Al Gore saw Global warming when there was none and president Barry Hussein Soetoro hyped hope and change when there was neither hope in radical Progressive Liberal ideology nor is there the utopian change of sustainable equality for all.

The truth is not all ideas are the same nor are all ideas equal, neither are all ideologies the same. There are right ideas and wrong ideas. Also, there are good ideologies and there are evil ideologies. Nevertheless, this is what is true, there will always be someone who sows the seeds of hate among people.

Lawrence O’Donnell did this very thing. He is such a person. By taking what he perceived to be true, Republican racism against president Soetoro, he broadcast his misconception to his small audience. Because O’Donnell put on air that mistaken belief, a belief that is actually in his heart but not borne out by the facts of the full RNC ad, that is the summation of insidiousness and darkness. That is the act of propagating the lie of his heart rather than representing the truth.

We have a special name for people (especially so-called reporters) who purposely engage in such acts, we call them…Dan Rather.

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