Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Rachel Maddow lash out at Bachmann backfires

“Michele Bachmann is not the national spokesperson for the Republican Party. She is unlikely anytime soon to be chosen to be the spokesperson for her party. But tonight, inexplicably, a national news network decided that they would give Michele Bachmann a job that her own party never did.” —Rachel Maddow
What is Democrat and Liberal sycophant Rachel Maddow’s recent concern with the integrity of the Republican Party? It seems that since Rep. Michelle Bachmann’s CNN appearance, which Bachmann gave an outstanding Tea Parties response to the President’s State of the Union Address (which eclipsed the president) Maddow and others have been looking for the slightest peculiarities in attempts to discredit the core message of Rep. Bachmann.

Congresswoman Bachmann pointed out via visual aids what the “official Republican” response failed to show. President Barry Hussein Soetoro’s administration has don’t far worse than the previous administration and has in fact exacerbated America’s fiscal down turn by its reckless enactment of social fiscal policies which will serve to kill job growth and saddle the economy thus the American people with more astronomical debt.

In typical Liberal fashion Maddow ,with ad hominem parody of the skewed camera angles which were produced by and were solely the fault of CNN, attempted to minimize Rep. Bachmann for looking off camera. Then Maddow hoping to get some opposite Party assistance in her attack against Bachmann brought in the biggest Republican spokesperson that her obvious limited political gravitas could muster, in her words, “the immediate former Communications Director for the Republican National Committee, Doug Heye.”

Mr. Heye immediately self deprecated and suggested if he were the best that Maddow could do then she was not very well politically endowed.
Nevertheless, Mr. Heye from his lowly political estate was able to defend and counter Maddow’s attacks against Bachmann, Tea Parties, Conservatives and Republicans (see 7:53min video)

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If Maddow is the new MSNBC standard-bearer for anti-Conservative propaganda in place of Keith Olbermann, she should really select her guests more carefully. I’m sure it is not MSNBC’s intentions that their viewers be accidently exposed to the truth.

Whatever Maddow intended it apparently backfired. Mr. Heye showed why Liberals generally prefer not to have Conservative guest.

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