Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Chris Matthews fact less in Wisconsin

Let me go to Republican Senator Grothman, my question is of course is why did the Governor pick on the unions that didn’t endorse him in the last campaign but give a free ride to the firefighters and the cops who did, in their localities. Why did they get off and get to continue to negotiate collectively. –Chris Matthews
Chris Matthews never met a fact that he didn’t contort into some Liberal biased abomination. Here he jumps into the Wisconsin Union Labor unrest, which has been ongoing for weeks. Talking to Wisconsin Republican state Senator, Glenn Grothman Matthews asked a fact less partisan leading question obviously meant to misinform rather than report the News.

Well one more time you’re completely misinformed. The Fireman’s Unions around the state have repeatedly campaigned against Republicans and the statewide police have repeatedly campaigned against republicans.

Governor Walker is doing this out of financial necessity. And out of financial necessity, the state with a $3 billion state deficit has to do something.

Governor Walker as well as the cities, counties and schools, which all rely on state’s money, can either lay people off or everybody can take a mild reduction in take home pay. Myself with a mild reduction in take home pay is a part of that.—Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman (see 1:40min video)

As usual Chris Matthews misleads on the facts, MSNBC misleads on the facts.

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