Monday, March 07, 2011

Like Global Warming Obama’s Eligibility is settled Science

The local, state and national media are running scared now – in full attack mode on state legislators across the country who have the audacity to insist that future presidential elections conducted in their states should actually live up to constitutional qualifications for office. –Joseph Farah
A person was called stupid kinda nutty if he or she didn’t believe Al Gore’s opinion about global warming. We are told that all scientists agreed and that there is nothing more to discuss. The earth’s temperature was rising because of trapped CO2 emission cause by man. But if we allowed a world tax on carbon plus a cap and trade carbon “world market” similar to the stock market we could lower emissions. The absurdity of this thinking is absolutely astonishing. It’s like saying that more money will fix our schools.

Just a look at schools that spend the most money reveals that more money is not the answer for the problems that our schools face. Neither are more taxes and carbon trading the answer to global warming if in fact, the earth is warming and it is not.

It turns out that scientists now know that the planet’s temperature hasn’t increase since 1998. Also, over a thousand sciences disagree with the theory that anthropogenic carbon emissions causes increase in temperatures. Global warming is settled science? Sorry Mr. Gore please return your Emmy, your Oscar and your Nobel Peace Prize. Oh and all the money that you’ve made with your fraudulent slide shows and movie.

Then there is the eligibility issue of our current president Barry Hussein Soetoro. We are told that he was born in Hawaii and anyone who doubts this is stupid kinda nutty…a…a “birther.”

After all Soetoro did have posted on a website a copy of a certificate of live birth which the president and his supporters hold as absolute proof of the president’s eligibility. Case closed, it is settled. Just as settled as Global warming is. But it’s really not. Neither one of them Global warming or the president’s eligibility are settled. (see8:47min video)

The truth is the president has spent over a million dollars to keep his eligibility an unsettled matter and he has used media goons and political bullies to scare off any politician or reputable persons who would even broach the subject of his eligibility. And then there’s that perennial favorite, “The American people don’t care whether the president of the United States is eligible to be president or not.”

You've all heard Bill O'Reilly, Chris Matthews and Lawrence O'Donnell rant and rave about this "non-issue" – making it seem like only crazy people would have a concern about the eligibility of the present occupant of the White House. They insist all questions have been answered, that we've all seen the actual birth certificate, that Barack Obama's life is an open book. –Joseph Farah

The American people don’t care that the U.S. Constitution is being violated by an Usurper and his Party of American deconstructionists that believe there are 27 ways to interpret the constitution , or any law for that matter, as long as one of the laws is not a strict constructionist view.
To be sure, the concern about Barry Hussein Soetoro was raised before he was the Democrat’s choice for presidential candidate yet it remains unsolved to this day because Soetoro has successfully stonewalled the issue both legally and politically.

The dispute arose even before Obama was elected, when his status as a "natural born citizen" under the requirements of the U.S. Constitution was questioned. A multitude of lawsuits have sought unsuccessfully to clear the air, and there are several court cases that continue.
States have reacted by proposing legislation that would require a presidential candidate to provide documentation of his constitutional eligibility, and similar legislation even has been proposed in Congress.
Throughout, Obama has maintained a team of lawyers assigned to stamp out any case or challenge through which some of the documentation about his career might be revealed. –Bob Unruh (source)

Republicans have allowed Democrats to scare them away from the most important issue that has come along in the history of our nation which is can someone thwart the constitution along with the other two branches of the government and get away with it? The quote which says, all it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing is being performed before our very eyes each day a suspected Usurper stands in the White house and Courts, Congressmen and women and Senators do nothing.

Then, of course, there seems to be an unwritten rule among Republican presidential candidates and leaders to downplay the significance of the issue of constitutional eligibility – with Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, House Speaker John Boehner and others distancing themselves from a concern held by a significant majority of Americans and an overwhelming percentage of Republicans. –Joseph Farah (source)

Barry Hussein Soetoro has allowed the question of his eligibility to become a pustulate on American politics like an unsightly boil. He intends to running in 2012 with the bag of infection hanging from the nose on his face. And if anyone dire to mention it’s unsightliness just as Hercule-Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac Soetoro and has media and politico henchmen will run the inartful questioner through with a sharp sword of deceit as Christian deceived Roxanne into believing that his handsome face covered a soul of true poetic beauty rather than the soul of an imposter.

Global warming is not settled science and underneath the veneer of presidential legitimacy could lay the soul of an imposter, a Usurper to the presidency of the United States of America.

When uncovered we must ask ourselves why didn’t our Judiciary care enough to defend the constitution. Why didn’t our Congressmen and women and our Senators protect the constitution.

And finally why don’t the American people care as much as Egyptians, or Libyans cared about the wrong way in which their governments where going.


  1. "And finally why don’t the American people care as much as Egyptians, or Libyans cared about the wrong way in which their governments where going."

    Because years of social engineering has molded this society into a bunch of compliant sheep.

  2. Yeah RC, but at least we're politically correct sheep!