Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Bill Maher’s Stupid Americans found

You remember Bill Maher’s July 27, 2009 interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer where Maher call the American people stupid? We’ve found them, we’ve found Maher’s stupid Americans. They are the stupid U.S. citizens and illegal aliens who will be voting in support of Barry Hussein Soetoro for president in 2012. Soetoro has launch his 2012 campaign directly appealing to them.

These Bill Maher identified stupid people will be voting for a president who himself thinks that they are stupid. Of course he thinks these Americans are stupid, if he didn't think that he wouldn't run in 2012. He has nothing broken promises, lies and his unrevealed secret past life to run on.

Stupid supporters of president Soetoro assume that they know him, yet for all of his presidency he as hidden his past from Americans. He has refused, to this day, to reveal it to his “stupid” supporters. All that the president would have to do is unseal his public records from Kindergarten and college. He should release his medical records. He should also reveal his time or voting records as a Chicago state legislator. Soetoro supporters know nothing about him other than the carefully crafted narrative that he has created for their consummation and regurgitation.

Like the stupid people that they are, they look right pass all of the Constitutional breeches of this president and his broken promises, they look pass the continuation of both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, which he promised to end. They look past the illegal Libya war, (he sought no congressional authority to start this war) they look past the fact that Guantanamo Bay prison remains open. (Something they wanted to try president Bush for war crimes.) Sen. Soetoro’s campaign promise was to immediately close Guantanamo, he didn’t. They look past the Soetoro administration's continuing of Bush wiretaps, they look past, the Soetoro administration's continuation and expansion of Bush policies of rendition, they look past the unconstitutional health care reform law, they look pass the Soetoro administration and Soetoro media lies about jobs and unemployment.

The Soetoro administration and media reported March unemployment dipped to 8.8% in March. However, during that same period the Gallup reported 10% unemployment. (source)

The Bill Maher identified stupid Americans, will look past the realities of a presidency in unsustainable disarray and they speak with mind-numbing hope and change sycophantic support for a man who set their country, American on an irreversible course into third world nation status, world taxes (cap and trade) and joblessness. (see 2:10mins video)

Bill Maher Identified Stupid Americans

Perhaps these stupid, president Soetoro sycophants forgot that their choice for hope and change didn't actually deliver on the hope and change that he promised. Jon Stewart didn’t forget the Soetoro hypocrisy against Bush (see 8:32min

Perhaps the Bill Maher stupid people, all who voted for and will vote for the reelection of president Soetoro forgot his promises, John Stossel didn’t forget the lies (see 4:36min video)

Maybe supporters of a second term for Soetoro forgot his America bashing, maybe they’ve forgotten the pictures of U.S. soldiers posing with dead Afghans under president Soetoro’s needless escalation of the Afghanistan war. Such behavior would not have been tolerated by them under president Bush. Remember Gitmo? And maybe they've forgotten that president Soetoro actually did start an illegal war in Libya whereas they falsely accused president Bush of starting the Iraq war illegally.

Soetoro didn’t close the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center, he didn’t end the war and bring military back as he promised he would, he didn’t protect the middle class from tax increase like he said he would when he promised that no family making less than $250,000 will see "any form of tax increase."

"I can make a firm pledge. Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes."—Barry Hussein Soetoro

Soetoro did not keep his promise on reforming the way government does business. In fact the government is worse under his leadership and continues to operate in secrecy as demonstrated by the unconstitutional health care law that he and Democrats forced on the American people (see eight CSpan healthcare lies (2:24mins video)

Soetoro has decided to run for reelection in 2012 knowing that his complete presidency was the vast conspiracy that Hillary Clinton spoke about. Only thing is Clinton got the direction wrong from where the conspiracy was coming. Contrary to Clinton's description of the Right this president and his administration have proven to be a vast Leftwing conspiratorial coup d'état. This coup is by a possible ineligible presidential usurper and his Party who by his actions as president indicates that he holds the constitution, which he swore to uphold, in acute disdain.

Therefore the people who will vote for and support the reelection of Barry Hussein Soetoro are the Stupid Americans that Bill Maher described. (see 1:46min video)

Americans Stupid

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