Monday, April 18, 2011

Obama, Reid both admit attempting to sabotage Bush and put country at risk over debt

You know I think it important to understand the vantage point of a Senator verse the vantage point of a President. When you’re a Senator traditionally what has happened is there is always a lousy vote, nobody likes to be tagged as having increased the debt limit for the United States by a trillion dollars. As president, you start realizing, ‘You know what? We can’t play around with this stuff.’ —president Barry Hussein Soetoro
You probably missed the president’s admission that he did something terribly wrong. Just when we were beginning to think that, the sole purpose of Barry Hussein Soetoro’s existence was to correct all of Bush’s mistakes, America’s mistakes, the Constitution’s mistakes and the founding fathers’ mistakes the president revealed that he has made a mistake too. You who blindly support the president were probably too busy defending against Donald Trump’s legitimate questions about the president’s constitutional illegitimacy to notice so I’ll catch you up. (see story)

President Barry Hussein Soetoro has admitted that while he was a Senator he was an ideological opportunistic partisan hack who didn’t know what he was doing other than he was opposing a sitting president. But, you probably missed that admission didn’t you?

Soetoro said that his opposition was based purely on the grounds that president Bush was a Republican. And it was Soetoro’s default position to oppose everything from the opposite Party including and especially if what the opposite Party was doing, was the right thing.

Now you’re thinking that I’ve gone off of the deep end and should be fitted for a white jacket, right? Just wait one minute I have the video of the president saying those things. Now he did frame it in his best Orwellian Newspeak but for you who are smart enough to decipher political speak you will agree the president has confessed to radical partisanship and destructive political behavior right before God and everyone. (reference to God didn’t mean George Stephanopoulos)

Mind you, I’m not reporting this because I’m surprised that these men were wrong, most of the time these people are wrong on every position that they back. What is interesting to my mind is why are they admitting to it now, what is the underlying reason?

I’ll tell you what I think but first listen to president Soetoro’s and Senate Majority Leader Reid’s confess of blind ruthless country destroying partisanship (see 3:13min video)

I said on Meet the Press when this question was asked, ‘I shouldn’t have done that.’ I’m kind of embarrassed I did. It was a political maneuver by we Democrats. The Republicans were in power, there were more of them. They said we were going to have to pass that debt ceiling. The president voted the same way when he was in the Senate. I heard him apologize for it.

We all should take a look at how we handled these issues—Sen. Harry Reid

What I think is Democrats are now admitting that they are driven by blind ideologues and partisans within their Party. These radicals have as their quest to achieve ultimate political power in the United States . They have done that. They have shown that Democrats will stop at nothing to attain their goals. If attaining political power meant losing the Iraq war, so be it. If attaining power meant destroying the U.S. economy, so be that too.

Nothing, not the constitution, not uncorrupt free and fair elections, nothing is going to deter the ideologues of the Democrat Party from ushering in a neo-Progressive Socialist era based on a re interpretation of the Constitution and ruled by an fascist Oligarchy that controls what you eat, what you buy, what you think and what you write on the Internet.

Even when the president and Sen. Reid attempted to put their very best spin on what they had done it still sounds unpatriotic, hurtful to the country and highly partisan.

Notice some of their words:
Soetoro’s words: lousy vote , tagged, realize, play around, new Senator, making a political vote, opposed to doing what was important for the country

Reid’s words: I shouldn’t have done that, I’m embarrassed, a political maneuver by Democrats, I made a political issue[of the debt]

To summarize what the president and Senator said was, ‘Democrats are lousy because we play around with our votes doing things that we know we shouldn’t do. Democrats make all things political no matter how the country is affected and now we are embarrassed that the very thing that we politically opposed in 2006 is the very thing we need now that we are in power. But so what? We can just apologize and our partisans will forgive any offense, whether we do what’s best for the Country or not!’

It could not be more clear, we have the equivalent of anti-Americans in charge of the White house and the Senate.

We need to correct that in 2012.

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