Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Palin to Boehner learn to fight like a Girl!

Sarah Palin is the voice of America. She is the mother, the daughter and the wife of good and reason. If the feminine spirit and energies were put on earth to guide and protect humankind, that spirit and energy are embodied in Governor Palin.

Gov. Palin delivered a speech on Madison Wisconsin’s “Tax Day Rally” April 16, 2011 which places her as the only previously elected official that is willing to articulate the Conservative cause and defend it against it’s Progressive enemies in government and media.

First, I must confess that I was put off of Ms. Palin because of my own lack of political fortitude and because of all of the negative hoisted upon her by Progressives who call Conservatives enemies. And the negative way that she is treated by John Boehner Conservatives who value the camaraderie of Barry Hussein Soetoro, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid above Tea Party Conservatives.

However, after listening to Ms. Palin in the following two part video clip I’ve come to realize my misgivings are a mistake. If the left can knowingly promote and elect an ineligible, illegitimate Usurper (and most of them know) to the presidency of the United States of America and if they can boldly defend him with no proof of his status other than invalid documentation that he provided.

I can support a true patriot who is willing to take the best blows from the ignorant haters of the Left and the best blows for the ignorant traitors of the Right.

I would rather have Sarah Palin as president with whatever failings the left claims she has, than to live one more day under the illegal and unconstitutional government that Progressives and establishment Conservatives have placed this country.

There is no one inside or outside of government, which is articulating the treachery and the travesty of the failed politics of the United States other than Ms. Palin. Listen for yourself am sure her voice of Conservatism will win you over as it did me again. (see 7:32min video)

Part2 (see 8:27min video)

I don’t know if Sarah Palin is the answer but I am convinced that she is a part of the solution. America is a sick nation I think there is not one person who can reasonably disagree.

In our efforts to get, well we have taken the snake oil treatment of Barry Hussein Soetoro big government Progressive Socialism and have gotten sicker. No matter how much huckster Soetoro attempts to convince us that his remedies are working over our own senses we know what we feel, taste and touch.

All of the promises, all of the negative Conservative bashing all of the deconstruction of American values and customs none of president Soetoro policies or ideologies are working. None of his hope and change is working, nor are his politics and ideologies right for America.

What Sarah Palin is saying has always been and is now what is right for America. The principles that she espouses are the ones that made this country great.
John Boehner would do well in heeding Ms. Palin’s advice. When at the negotiation table or when representing Conservatives and Conservative values, learn to fight like a girl!

Crying is optional.

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