Thursday, May 12, 2011

Eva Longoria: New Desperate Face of the Illegal Mexican Invasion

Last week we were asked to meet with president Obama. There are about ten of us who are considered influential in the media, in hopes to reframe the immigration argument, or the immigration “conversation.”
And we were…it was like a brainstorming room, Emilio was there, and it was very beneficial to know what is happening and what are the roadblocks that he has been facing and how can we help. And how can we be the messengers of what is being done and what is not being done
—Eva Longoria
You probably didn’t know that violating the United States Constitution could be so sexy. Yes, who knew that all you have to do to make “Illegal” the new Legal is brainstorm with the president about how to talk differently about 40 million Mexican nations and their children living, working and receiving free education and healthcare illegally in this country.

How it’s done? Just put a beautiful media pop-culture icon as the face of your cause, target American politicians as “enemies” who oppose your cause and speak about the reality of your illegality as if it were something complete different from what it is.

That is what Desperate Housewife star Eva Longoria said she is doing to advance the cause of the Mexican National invaders that are in the United States. And she is doing it for the 2012 elections. Longoria believes that rewarding 40 million Mexican Nationals, who left their country to enter the United States illegally, with citizenship if spoken with the right words isn’t so bad. One could use the right words and make an “argument “a “conversation” and make illegally living in the United States, “Citizenship.”

In fact if one says it just right, the American people are too stupid to know that the term “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” is the new sexy for Mexican Nationals illegally entering the U.S., living in the U.S., working in the U.S., getting free education and healthcare in the U.S. and voting in American elections. (see 2:21min video)

It’s going to be a long process , we have to hold accountable many people of Congress and hopefully in 2012…hopefully the Dream Act will come up before 2012. And those who do not support Comprehensive Immigration Reform will hopefully pay for it in those elections. And that is what we’re hoping to do is aggregate the Latino audience to come out and make their voices known of what they want, to see an immigration reform.—Eva Longoria

Longoria said that president Barry Hussein Soetoro is all ears for this new plan of sexing up the Illegal Alien argument for the 2012 election. She believes that the Latino community feels that it should be given something for electing Soetoro in 2008. So why not make Mexican Nationals U.S. citizens. When you think about it, all that Mexican nationals have really done is broken the U.S. laws and violated the sovereignty of the United States and isn’t that sexy?

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