Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Klavan’s Satire might make you Think

We all must learn that confronting evil can lead to violence. Just a little intellectual dishonesty and some unprincipled sniffling we can put an end to Islamic slanders peacefully by eliminating their cause…our freedom. —Andrew Klavan
Andrew Klavan’s powerful satirical look entitled, How to behave during an Islamic Massacre” says in three minutes all one needs to know about how destructive to reasoning and meaning political correctness is in and to our culture. Klavan’s skillfully worded critique exposes the left’s moral relativism as the purveyor of true ignorance not the enlightened chariot of knowledge that it thinks itself to be. (see 3:16min video)

Though Klavan’s aide one sees clearly that on every given subject how the Left’s thinking has corrupted our entire culture. Thus devolving a once noble and civilized society into an unprincipled tatted and pierced sagging pant bohemian sex fixated IPhone and Game Boy 360 under-culture which is dominated by Progressive Political and Corporate overlords who track you, stack you and pack you into little neat voting and consumer cubbyholes.

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