Friday, May 27, 2011

Lisa P. Jackson the most Dangerous Unelected Person in America

Jon Stewart has done Americans a disservice. In a May 19, 2011 interview with Environmental Protection Agency head Lisa P. Jackson Stewart painted a smiley face on the environmental crusader who is in charge of imposing left-wing global warming beliefs on Americans though regulation. Only thing is Stewart presented what seemed to be a harmless reasonable Lisa Jackson.(see 6:19min video)

The truth is Ms. Jackson is a global warming fanatic who makes statements as , “I believe” or “That’s how I interpret“ and based on her beliefs and her interpretations she intends to mandate climate change regulations on Americans. If the founding fathers intended separation of church and state they certainty intend the belief in the religion of global warming to be separated from government also.

However like any religious zealot no amount of reason or scientific proof to the contrary is able to dissuade Ms. Jackson from her blind allegiance to her cause of converting all America to her beliefs and her mission to impose her belief system on Americans by law.

In the follow clips see how Ms. Jackson disregards facts that disprove her beliefs. When confront with facts like there has not been any global warm since 1998 Ms. Jackson ‘s eyes roll and she regurgitates her mind numbing cult induced belief that in spite of the proof that there has not been any scientific proof of the global warming since 1998 she still professes her belief in anthropogenic global warming. (see 31sec video)

(see 4:00mins video) part 1

(see3:51mins video) part 2

(see5:20mins video) part 3

(see4:02mins video) part 4

When faced with evidence that the White house holds the science suspect Ms. Jackson is unperturbed in her belief of Global warming. (see6:35min video)

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