Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Will Obama use Osama as much as he used Bush?

Here’s some fun. We all know how the president loves to blame that “other administration” for all of his troubles. He’s probably has underlined and in red in this campaign playbook if all else faults blame Bush!

Nevertheless, what if he changes that to a little end zone dancing and spiking of the football? What if Soetoro changes blaming Bush with touting that he was the president that did what Bush couldn’t do? Moreover, what if president Soetoro replaced his Bush blame rhetoric with, “I killed Osama bin Laden, “in every campaign speech?

Fortunately, SNL gives us a look at what that might look like. (see 5:03min video)

Hilarious! Not much of a president but a hell of a campaigner and a namedropper.
Go Obama killed Osama, go Obama killed Osama!

I’m thinking had Bush did this he would have received international rebuke as a unilateral cowboy and war criminal. They would be calling for his trial at the World Court at the Hague and would be attempting to arrest him on sight and frog march him directly to the Hague. The Media would have bombarded Bush with questions whether its legal to assassinate a world figure criminal or not. They’d be after Dick Chaney too.

I guess Obama wouldn’t get that type of hate because he’s black. That kind of hate is only reserved for the White man.

Go Obama killed Osama, go Obama killed Osama!

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