Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Document Expert tells FBI Obama COLB is a Fraud

"I have irrefutably proven that the Certificate of Live Birth that President Obama presented to the world on April 27, 2011 is a fraudulently created document put together using the Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator programs."–Doug Vogt, Document-Imaging Expert

Worldnetdaily’s Jerome R. Corsi reports that Douglas Bradley Vogt president of Archive Index Systems Inc a Bellevue, Washington company has filed a complaint with the FBI charging that the document released by the Barry Hussein Soetoro administration is a forgery. (see article)

[Mr. Vogt] claims the long-form birth certificate the White House released April 27 as an electronic document in PDF format was forged from a composite of legitimate birth certificates obtained from the Hawaii DOH archives and manipulated to replace the original authentic information.

Mr. Vogt’s company Archive Index Systems Inc operates in the Web Hosting, Data Storage, Video Streaming industry within the larger category of Web Hosting, Data Storage, Video Streaming. In the U.S. there are 4,549 companies who also provide services in the Web Hosting, Data Storage, and Video Streaming area. Within Washington, where Archive Index Systems Inc is located, there are 101 similar businesses.

Mr. Vogt cites a background in type, typesetting and form design. He cites expertise in document scanning and has developed document imaging software as his credentials.

Below is Mr. Vogt’s May 10, 2011 press release indicting that he has filed charges with the FBI. (see below)

Obamas Cert of Birth_May-10-2011_News Realease

Of course the president’s April 27, 2011 release of his alleged proof of birth was meant to quash all media reporting on the president’s lack of eligibility. Mr. Vogt’s claim is that along with ineligibility the president has compounded his illegitimacy with criminal fraud.

The likelihood anything developing from this effort is minuscule.

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