Monday, June 27, 2011

Why I’m not a Democrat

I came across a video that may have intended to have the opposite affect yet what it did was bring clarity to the stark differences between the Right and the Left. Though obviously intend as a propaganda piece it exposes the blatant inanity of Democrats and the Democrat Party.

College Democrats of America or CDA really cemented in my mind why I am not a Democrat. Listening to pimply faced college students in cult like fashion regurgitate the gruel of Liberal dogma made me sick to my stomach.

To think that we have entrusted our world to people who think like them. From the CEOs of major companies to the Democrats in the Senate, Democrats in the House and to the Democrat President of the United States, they are all one in the same. They are all Weinercrats!

Former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner may be gone (for now) but the philosophies that made him drop his pants on the ground are clearly enounced in the Liberal mind set. Moreover, video and all explains why America is on the decline. (see 2:17min video)

Furthermore, what is even more alarming is that those puerile thinking young adults will inevitability grow up to be infantile thinking adults along the order of a Janeane Garofalo or a Keith Olbermann who clearly confuse the ability to speak with having something true and relevant to say. (see 6:11min video)

I am a Conservative because preserving what has made America a great nation is worth fighting for. No, America is not nor has it ever been perfect. However, the idea that this nation would be, ‘One Nation Under God with Liberty and Justice for all,’ is not an idea that can be reached by balkanizing America into little hyphenated enclaves of […]-Americans as Liberals are working to do. Conservatives believe that people, we the people come first, not groups such as Unions or Corporations but people working together to keep the integrity of our government and the union of our states.

Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream of treatment based solely on content of character… and President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s goal that Americans be less narcissistic and more patriotic are in violent contrast to the “give me my rights” mentality of Progressive Left that presently controls the Democrat Party and who often fight for rights that are not included in the constitution.

What is more, they too often than not, fight for people and causes that were never intended to be included under this Constitution as Mexican Foreign Nationals and rights made up out of whole cloth in the category of sexual orientation.

Foreign Nationals have rights in their own countries but if they wish to be a part of this country they must do it legally not by coup d'état, attempting to force politicians to change laws to adapt to illegal activity by their sheer numbers marching illegally in American streets while waving the flag of their own country. What I just described is an illegal invasion and that is just what Mexican Nationals have been doing in America!

Likewise changing laws to grant Homosexual rights like what was recently done in New York is bestowing special rights over and above what every other American man and woman has.

How is that so, you ask? I understand that is is complicated for Progressives to fathom so I'll go slow.

All American men already have the right to marry a woman. The operative word here is all. Likewise, the opposition is true for women. All women have the right to marry a man.

To be clear each and every American has that equal right protected under the law.
What Homosexuals have done is they have come along and argued for an additional right something very subtle but completely different. In the whole set of men and women a subset of men and women want the additional right to do something that is historically different from the other men and women of the whole set. This thing has never been done in the annuals of humankind.

And yet they have gotten ignorant Judges and Government officials to acquiesce and go along with their new invention in "Civil Wrongs." Dr. MLK, Jr. would puke in his grave at the very thought that homosexuals would use his good name and his good efforts of fighting for civil rights to legalize what he knew and what is an affront to his God.

Apparently, the arguments of homosexuals worked because even most of you believe that homosexuals are entitled to a right that first is not constitutionally based and second most of you believe that homosexuals are deserving of greater and more special rights than the rest of Americans.

That is the inherent danger of allowing special interest groups to create hyphenated Americans. It is the Animal Farm dilemma, hyphenated group are made up as in the case of homosexuals and then special rights are bestowed upon them making them more equal than others.

These kinds of Progressive Liberal ideologies will eventually destroy and separate the United States into two camps, Conservative against Progressive Liberals, each divided by what each believes to be, what is right or what is wrong.

I am a Conservative because Conservative American values have brought American thus far. Those values were not always adhered to nevertheless they are right values. Progressive Liberal values, on the other hand, are not American values they are values borrowed from failed governments of the past.

As we adapt these failed Progressive Liberal values to American culture and the American Government we already see, as in the past so it is now. America is being destroyed as Progressive Liberal values have destroyed all other past governments that have been under its Fascist and lecherous control.

Therefore because I know right from wrong and because I know what has made America once a great nation opposed to the already failed hope and change of Progressive Liberalism, I am not a Democrat!

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